Ultra-Concentrates: the Smarter Way to Sustainable Cleaning

A quick and simple way to improve the sustainability of almost any cleaning operation is through the adoption of ultra-concentrates. We offer these across a wide range of applications so that cleaning teams can quickly, easily and economically prepare solutions for equipment such as spray and toilet bottles, sinks, buckets or cleaning machines. The result is safe, simple and consistent high-performance cleaning while minimising wastage, packaging and chemical miles.

QuattroSelect is ideal for larger sites with centralised or intensive cleaning operations. Products are supplied in easy-to-handle pouches that are fitted into a wall-mounted dispenser. Four different formulations from the wide range available can be installed in each dispensing unit, allowing cleaning teams to select (and change whenever needed) the optimum combination for their particular application.

Solutions are automatically prepared to the correct dilution as they are dispensed into a bottle, bucket or cleaning machine by the QuattroSelect unit. Little or no decision-making or additional actions are required. All operatives need to do is press a button or squeeze a trigger and solution is dispensed directly into their bottle, bucket or cleaning machine. These closed systems also minimise the risk of people coming into contact with undiluted product, helping to enhance safety-in-use. Similar benefits are available on TASKI cleaning machines equipped with Diversey’s IntelliDose and IntelliFlow product and water management systems.

SmartDose is popular among contract and in-house cleaning teams who need ultimate convenience and portability. Its unique dual-dosing capability allows cleaning operatives to dispense two different amounts simply by turning the container’s cap to one side or the other. A single container can dispense the right amount of product into any two different accessories – bottle, bucket, sink, cleaning machine – depending on configuration. Operatives only need to carry one container to support two cleaning tasks. Processes are made even simpler – and productivity enhanced – if the product has multipurpose or multi-surface performance. A 1.4 litre container of SmartDose multi-purpose surface cleaner, for example, can prepare 280 standard 500ml trigger bottles.

One of the main reasons ultra concentrates deliver reduced cost in use is that solutions are prepared at the optimum dilution for superior and consistent performance. This reduces the need for repeat cleaning which cuts wasted time, delivering immediate productivity and efficiency gains. Considering the product contributes far less to the overall cost than the person doing the cleaning it makes sense to use products that maximise performance and productivity. Ultra concentrates also reduce the amount of product wastage because, unlike old-fashioned “pour-and-glug”, there is no guesswork involved in preparing solutions. Costs are reduced and predictable.

Ultra-concentrates also use less packaging than comparable bulk or ready-to-use products. This is because water is added at the point of use rather than the place of manufacture. A business using 100 cases of six 750ml single-use spray bottles could reduce plastic waste by up to 125.6kg (99.6% reduction) and up to 26.6kg less cardboard (98.9% reduction) by switching to Diversey’s ultra concentrates and re-usable bottles. Changes like these also reduce supply chain burdens because fewer cases need to be bought, transported and stored to support any given operation. Transportation costs can be up to 20 times less and warehouse and on-site storage requirements up to 22 times lower.

As with any cleaning product, it is important to select the right platform for each site and application to achieve optimum performance, efficiency and economy. Our ultra-concentrates for building care are available in a selection of platforms, including SmartDose and QuattroSelect, suitable for different sizes and type of site. We can advise you on the best choice or combination for any cleaning operation.

Ultra-concentrates are among the Top Ten products we’ll be featuring at The Cleaning Show at Excel London from 19-21 March.

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