Spring Cleaning Carpets

Spring is a good time to give carpets a deep clean. They are likely to have suffered heavy soiling over the long winter months. Daily vacuuming and intermittent encapsulation cleaning should be part of your regular carpet care routine. But there’s nothing like a deep clean to bring the carpet back to its stunning best. Together these three key tasks help to protect and refresh the carpet and prolong its life. That can help avoid the need for expensive replacements. 

TASKI procarpet machine is ideal for interim encapsulation and deep cleaning carpet care.

Our TASKI vacuum cleaners are ideal for daily carpet cleaning. There is a choice of high-performance tub and upright models for every conceivable application and requirement. The range even includes battery-powered models offering complete clean-on-the-go autonomy. They are quiet, efficient and economical.

Beyond this basic daily cleaning task, intermittent and deep cleaning are essential. This is because soiling will inevitably work its way into the fabric of the carpet. Interim cleaning helps keep carpets looking better for longer and extends the interval between deep cleaning which – although even more effective – generally takes longer and requires more drying time. 

Two Carpet Machines in One

Diversey’s innovative TASKI procarpet machine is ideal for both of these core tasks. Buying one machine makes business sense because it removes the need to purchase separate models. This saves capital, supply chain and storage costs. Operators also retain the flexibility to work on the task that best suits their needs – whenever they want – based on turnaround time and soil levels.

The machine is available in two versions – the TASKI procarpet 30 and TASKI procarpet 45. The simple design makes both models easy to operate. Its advanced performance promotes productivity and offers lower total cost of ownership.

The machine’s encapsulation function supports fast and efficient intermediate carpet care. Operators simply add Enhance Foam Shampoo to the built-in solution tank. They then run the machine back and forth over the carpet in its encapsulation mode. The product breaks down and captures the soiling, drying quickly to form a powder. A conventional vacuum cleaner will remove this. The carpet is out of commission for a minimal time. It is back in use as soon as it has dried and vacuuming is complete, typically within around half an hour.

Diversey's Enhance range of carpet care products is ideal intermittent and deep cleaning.

For deeper cleaning, the TASKI procarpet operates in its extraction mode. Choose a suitable product from Diversey’s extensive range to add to the machine’s tank. Enhance Extraction Cleaner is an ideal choice for all types of carpet. It is a low-foaming Woolsafe-approved extraction cleaner with a fresh fragrance. Agitation by the machine promotes soil breakdown and ensures excellent penetration of the product into the pile to reach and remove even the deepest soiling. The machine’s suction pick-up mechanism extracts the soiled solution. The carpet is ready to use the next day after it has time to dry.

Dealing With Stubborn Spots and Stains

Diversey's Enhance Spot and Stain Remover is ideal for stubborn stains.

The three-stage approach to carpet care is always advisable but sometimes a little extra is required. Stubborn stains can be removed with a suitable product such as Enhance Spot and Stain Remover. Chewing gum can be removed with Enhance Anti Gum.

Diversey can advise on the right combination of products, tools and equipment to achieve optimum cleaning results. Choosing the right products and equipment and using them correctly keeps processes simple, ensures carpets remain as good as new for years and delays the time when a replacement is required.

For more information about how to care for your carpets, please download our comprehensive Guide to Carpet Care below.

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