Removing Linen Spots and Stains

Removing stubborn spots and stains from linen is a typical spring cleaning task. It gets fabrics back into tip-top condition to impress guests and customers. But it can also help prolong the life of the fabric and remove the need for costly replacements.

Good laundry processes using the right products and equipment will ensure linen is cleaned properly to maintain its freshness and longevity.

Good laundry operations ensure linen stays white and fresh.

Spots and stains are inevitable, especially in busy settings such as hotels, bars, restaurants or care homes. The biggest causes of stains are substances that are difficult to remove during a normal wash cycle. Typical culprits include make-up, ink, curry, coffee, red wine, rust spots, blood, food, and grass.

Repeat washing is the enemy of every laundry operation, and difficult stains are the biggest cause. It follows that prewash stain removal should be part of every laundry operator’s efforts to eliminate rewashes and maintain quality, performance and productivity.

Sort and check items for stains as they arrive in the laundry. Launder any items without stains right away to maintain efficient machine utilisation. But treat any stains you find with a suitable spot remover and then wash them as normal.

Complete Solution – Just Like Magic

Diversey offers a complete set of highly effective spot stain removers in the innovative Clax Magic range. These are safe and easy to use and suitable for almost every type of stain and fabric:

  • Clax Magic Multi – a multipurpose formulation that is ideal for stains such as make-up, ink and curry
  • Clax Magic Oxi – a colour-safe formulation for bleachable stains such as coffee, tea, wine, cola and fruit juices
  • Clax Magic Rust – specially formulated for the removal of discolouring caused by rust, tannin and similar substances
  • Clax Magic Protein – contains a combination of surfactants and enzymes for the removal of blood, food, grass and other stains containing proteins

These four innovative formulations remove stains quickly, effectively and gently. You would generally apply the product to the stain and leave it for between five and ten minutes. Then rinse and put it through a normal wash cycle in the machine. This short treatment time helps prevent delays and bottlenecks in the laundry.

The Clax Magic range removes stubborn spots and stains.

All four products are available separately or together as part of a handy “starter pack” which also includes an agitation brush. They are supplied in convenient pack sizes as ready-to-use super concentrates to promote sustainability.

The use of concentrates ensures each pack contains more active formulation than the same size of normal product. Or a smaller will contain the same amount of active formulation. Either way, this ultimately reduces chemical miles, storage and handling burdens, and packaging waste. The Clax Magic products form part of our comprehensive laundry solution which comprises products, systems and consultancy.

Repeat Washing is the Enemy

Every laundry operator understands that repeat washing restricts efficiency. Using valuable equipment a second time to finish a job that should be correct the first is inefficient and uneconomical. This can reduce productivity and limit the throughput of the laundry which can be particularly critical when it is working at or near to full capacity.

Delays in fresh linen availability can compromise customer service and the work of housekeeping staff. In turn, this can lead to negative customer perceptions, feedback and satisfaction ratings.

Guests and customers appreciate white, bright and spotless linen.

Putting fabrics through a second wash also has a major impact on costs, not just of water and fabric care products, but also energy and the people overseeing the work. Linen replacement costs can also increase if items are washed more often than necessary because it shortens their lifetime.

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