Shiny Windows and Mirrors

Few things impress guests and customers more than bright and shiny glass, metal and hard surfaces. That special sparkle shows you’ve done your work and take cleaning and hygiene seriously. During spring cleaning it refreshes any room and helps to create a great impression for customers and guests. This will reassure them and help encourage positive comments, reviews and recommendations. Smaller and independent restaurants, hotels and care homes want to achieve these objectives but do not always have the time and resources available to their larger counterparts.

Cif Professional Window & Multi-Surface Cleaner 750ml ready to use spray bottle.

Pro Formula meets this challenge with Cif Professional Window & Multi-Surface Cleaner. This advanced ready-to-use cleaner delivers professional results, keeps tasks simple and saves time. It removes grime and grease to leave behind a streak-free shine in seconds. This makes it ideal for daily cleaning but also for Spring Cleaning. The formulation includes a fresh fragrance to enhance the areas being cleaned. It is suitable for windows and interior hard surfaces such as mirrors and tables.

  • Ready-to-use spray bottle for simplicity and convenience
  • Suitable for windows, mirrors, tables and other hard surfaces.
  • Removes grime and grease
  • Streak-free shine in seconds
  • Fresh fragrance creates a pleasant ambience

Cif Professional Window & Multi-Surface Cleaner is available in a convenient ready-to-use 750ml spray bottle. Like all Pro Formula products, it is easy to use. Spray it directly onto a clean dry cloth, apply to the surface and buff to a shine. For large areas spray it directly onto the surface.

Professional Results from Trusted Brands

Cif Professional Window & Multi-Surface Cleaner is part of Diversey’s ProFormula range. This set of easy-to-use cleaning products helps smaller and independent businesses to complete routine and common problem-solving tasks quickly and economically with excellent results. Pro Formula products combine professional formulations from Diversey with trusted brands from Unilever including Cif, Persil, Comfort, Domestos, and Sun.

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