Reducing The Burden Of Cleaning

Cleaning can be a demanding business. There is constant pressure to get the work done quickly but the over-riding need is always to ensure the safety of the cleaning team and help them prepare safe, hygienic and pleasant facilities. Diversey meets this challenge with revolutionary cleaning and hygiene technologies that not only deliver exceptional results but are simpler, safer and less of a burden on the people doing the work.

Ergononic Floorcare: traditional mopping systems are inefficient, heavy and cumbersome. This can lead to stress and strain on the body as well as reduced productivity, especially at the end of a busy day. Modern alternatives are designed around ergonomic concepts and manufactured from innovative and lightweight materials to make floorcare much less of a burden to promote efficiency and productivity. Diversey tools include UltraPlus handles and frames, the Versa mopping range and the ProSpeed finish applicator. ProSpeed, for example, outperforms traditional flat-mop and mop-and-bucket application methods and reduces labour costs by up to 25 per cent.

Gliding Microfibre: the unique properties of microfibre allow it to glide over hard surfaces much more easily than a traditional mop or cloth. This puts less strain on the user while enabling them to clean more surface area, more quickly – in short, they are more productive. Tools such as UltraPlus and Versa are designed for use with microfibre pads while Diversey also offers a complete range of reusable and disposable cloths and tools made from the material. Depending on the specification, microfibre can be used with water, chemicals or dry to remove soiling from hard surfaces. The very best cloths have been proven to remove 99.99 per cent of micro-organisms when used with water alone. Particles on the surface are removed through a combination of static attraction and capillary action.

Get Organised: floorcare and microfibre systems are often used in conjunction with the TASKI Trolley System. This modular workstation combines innovation and ergonomic design to improve overall performance, efficiency and sustainability. The trolley incorporates the latest ergonomic concepts to ensure all items remain within easy reach so that users do not have to bend or stretch awkwardly. The result is faster and more efficient cleaning processes with less time spent stopping and starting between tasks. This promotes user acceptance and reduces the risk of the musculoskeletal disorders. A complete set of tools and equipment is available so that the trolley can be configured for microfibre, spray-and-wipe, wet-mop and general cleaning applications.

Closed Systems: ultra-concentrates, as we have seen before, help introduce better consistency and sustainability into cleaning operations. They are ideally used with closed systems, the dosing and dilution control equipment that simplifies processes while minimising the risk of undiluted chemical being spilled or coming into contact with cleaning team members. Many ultra-concentrates – such as Divermite, QuattroSelect or IntelliDose – are supplied in self-contained pouches that will only release product when fitted into the right equipment, such as a dispenser or scrubber drier. Others – such as SmartDose – are supplied in secure containers that only deliver controlled doses when used correctly.

Chemical-Free Floorcare: in one of our previous posts we explained how Twister by Diversey pads enable scrubber driers and rotary disc machines to clean floors with water alone. The combined action of the machine, pads impregnated with microscopic diamonds and water mean that floors can be cleaned and maintained without using any kind of chemical. This not only makes floorcare simpler, it is safer for the cleaning team and building occupants.

These are just a few of the ways in which Diversey innovations help cleaning teams complete their routines safely and simply to achieve the best possible results. You can find out more on our main website at

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