Reducing Plastics

There’s been a lot of publicity recently about the use of plastics. Nobody seriously believes that throwing plastic packaging away is a good thing, especially when we see pictures of polluted rivers or suffering wildlife. The challenge facing all of us is how to reduce reliance on plastics and make it easier to recycle what we do use. In the absence of alternative materials, at least for the time being, we all need to think about being smarter with our packaging.

At Diversey, our approach for a long time has been to reduce the amount of packaging for our cleaning products. We do this by producing as many as possible in ultra-concentrate formulations. More product for more cleaning is contained in any given pack size and water is added at the point of use rather than the point of manufacture. This not only reduces the total amount of packaging required to support a particular cleaning operation but also minimises transport, storage and handling costs.

In fact, just one 1.4 litre container of our SmartDose hard surface cleaner can prepare 280 standard 500ml trigger-spray bottles. Because these bottles are used time and time again there is no need to throw them away which means no wasted plastic. Choosing the same number of ready-to-use spray bottles would mean a lot more packaging, transport and handling to worry about.

All of our ultra-concentrate systems reduce the amount of plastic packaging for the cleaning teams we support. Our research and development teams are always working on ways of making our systems even more efficient so that the same amount of product goes even further in the future. We’re also looking at the materials we use in the packaging in the first place. At the moment around 30 per cent of our packaging in the US is made from recycled plastics.

The SmartDose container – like much of our packaging – is completely recyclable which means there is no excuse for it to end up in landfill. We know the majority of our customers are responsible and make sure they send their empty packaging for processing.

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