Pleasant Smells – The Difference

There is no doubt that we tend to associate pleasant smells with good things. But the reverse is also true. We’ve written about this before. It’s all part of human nature.

So it follows that spring cleaning tasks that can eliminate bad smells will make a big difference to the perceptions and opinions of customers and guests. Good cleaning and pleasant smells should go hand in hand. So what causes bad smells and what can you do about it?

Spring cleaning can help pleasant smells come to the fore. As humans we associate the smell of fresh flowers with good things.

Humans have evolved to associate bad smells with danger. This is no accident. Organic materials decay – dead animals or rotting vegetables, for example – because they are being eaten by hordes of bacteria. These tiny microbes emit gases as they digest the material. Our primitive ancestors gradually evolved to associate the smell of these gases – many contain sulphur – as “bad”. The smell was an indicator that the material was unfit to eat or could cause illness. Today we know that it is the microbes that cause the illnesses but in distant past, it was sufficient to know not to go near something that smelled bad. Most of our modern-day perceptions of bad smells come from this primeval instinct.

The opposite is also true. We tend to associate the smell of fresh flowers and fruit with good things because evolution has taught us this. Things that smell “good” are generally safe to eat.

We are unlikely, of course, to encounter rotting animals and vegetables in most business settings. But our sense of smell is so sensitive that we can detect the tiny amounts of gas emitted by bacteria as they eat through the smallest patches of organic residue.

Give Cleaning a Freshen Up

This is one of the main reasons cleaning is so important: remove the sources of bad smells and creating a pleasant environment for customers and guests is so much easier. Regular cleaning will remove most of these sources but sometimes a little extra help is needed. This is why we developed Odour Neutralising Technology (ONT) which we add to many of our products.

Odour Neutralising Technology chemically locks-out the molecules that cause bad smells.

The active ingredients in ONT remove the chemicals that our brains interpret as bad smells. They lock onto the molecules that cause these odours a bit like a glove fitting a hand. This makes the smell undetectable.

The way that ONT works means that, unlike alternative suppliers, we do not need to add strong perfumes to mask smells. Instead, we add subtle fragrances that guests and customers appreciate. Using products with ONT and subtle fragrances supports our layered approach to odour control: each product contributes to the overall effect but it is never overpowering.

Spring Cleaning and Problem Solvers with ONT

ONT is a constituent of products that are suitable for spring cleaning:

Good Sense Breakdown: this contains ONT and enzymes that break down organic deposits and residues so that bacteria have no food source and cannot produce bad smells. Use dilute for daily cleaning of hard surfaces in places such as washrooms, bathrooms and changing rooms. Pour undiluted into sinks, drains and urinals to give these hard-to-clean places a good spring clean and remove stubborn deposits.

Enhance Spot & Stain: ideal for removing stubborn spots and stains from carpets and upholstery. It works on a wide range of spots and stains and is Woolsafe approved. Its combination of ONT and fragrances help to rejuvenate carpets and create a fresh-smelling room.

Good Sense Fresh: a non-aerosol spray containing ONT to eliminate odours in fabrics, furnishings and upholstery. Effective against a wide variety of odours including tobacco, food, urine and so on. It is a great addition to any daily cleaning routine but is also ideal as a spring clean problem solver.

Tapi Deo: add these ingenious little granules to your vacuum cleaner bags and release ONT as you carry out your daily floor cleaning. The granules help to eliminate bad smells and gradually release a subtle fragrance to help create a pleasant environment for building users and occupants.

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