Performance with Agility: TASKI swingo 2100μicro Scrubber Drier

The TASKI swingo 2100μicro (micro) scrubber drier is a revolutionary ultra-compact ride-on that combines agility, versatility and innovation to deliver class-leading floorcare performance up to 22 per cent higher than comparable models. Designed to deliver the productivity of a ride-on machine in settings where pedestrian equipment is traditionally used, it offers a highly efficient alternative to conventional designs. Innovations include a unique offset feature to clean against walls, energy-saving LED lighting, ergonomic “active sitting” driving position, and configurability as an integrated cleaning workstation.

Since its launch in 2015 the TASKI swingo 2100μicro scrubber drier has proved extremely popular with cleaning teams. It’s one of our Top Ten products that we’ll be featuring at the forthcoming Cleaning Show (21-23 March, Excel London).

The development team at TASKI has responded to market demand for a ride-on machine for smaller areas with exceptional uptime, productivity and performance. The generous 75-litre tank, efficient scrubber mechanism, advanced cleaning solution control and energy management ensure the machine can cover larger areas, up to 5000m2, and work autonomously for longer between refills and recharges (up to four hours) than comparable machines. Downtime is minimised so that the machine spends more time on productive work. Overall performance is up to 22 per cent better than comparable machines.

Innovations include a unique offset cleaning feature that enables the machine to clean right up against a wall. When used in this mode the scrubber mechanism can project up to 14cm to the right-hand side. No other ride-on machine offers this ability to clean the entire floor to the edge in a single pass. This eliminates the need to use a small pedestrian machine or mop and bucket for unproductive, inefficient and time-consuming secondary cleaning.

Offset cleaning automates manual working along walls and around objects by allowing the machine to work further from the wall more quickly and safely. The mechanism slides out of the way when obstacles are touched to prevent damage and repositions itself afterwards for continued cleaning. For general floorcare tasks and when the machine is travelling between areas, the mechanism is positioned centrally.

The machine is equipped with LED lights that consume less energy than conventional bulbs. Operators can use their machines with the lights on for longer without drawing excessive charge from the battery, ideal for low ambient lighting settings such as shops and warehouses during quiet periods. Operators also have a better all-round view of the working area when they use the lights.

The ultra-compact design and tricycle-style configuration promotes manoeuvrability and agility in confined and congested areas. With its 55cm working width and 138cm overall length the machine has a turning circle of less than 180cm which means it can operate productively and safely between obstacles, is compact enough to pass through normal doors and be transported in standard lifts.

Like all TASKI scrubber driers, the machine is designed for safe and ergonomic working. The operator is positioned directly over the scrubber mechanism and, unlike pedestrian machines, has an unobstructed view of the floor being cleaned and the wider working area for optimum productivity and safety. The unique “active sitting” driving position is designed to support the operator in the ideal posture to reduce fatigue during long shifts by taking weight off their feet while also allowing easy access from either side for maximum productivity.

Machine speed is automatically reduced when turning to promote stability. The front-tank layout offers full-width protection of the operator’s knees, legs and arms to reduce the risk of injuries. Controls are within easy reach for ergonomic working and follow the same intuitive style and layout as other TASKI machines to promote familiarity and ease-of-use with minimal retraining requirements.

The machine supports extensive customisation to enable intelligent total cleaning solutions matched to the specific application requirement. In addition to a number of machine-specific options, any tool or accessory from the extensive TASKI trolley range can be specified. This allows operators to configure their machines with everything needed to work autonomously on routine or bespoke applications without users wasting time locating and retrieving items.

The machine’s advanced TASKI IntelliFlow solution management system helps to minimise the number of time-consuming stops. The correct amount of solution is always delivered, irrespective of machine speed, even when turning, for consistent cleaning. Sustainability is further enhanced when options such as TASKI IntelliDose on-board dilution control, TASKI AquaStop refill management and TASKI Intellitrail fleet management are adopted.

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