Oven Spring Cleaning

Ovens work hard in commercial kitchens. They are used throughout the day and are central to the kitchen’s success. But this heavy use means that deposits such as fats and carbon will soon accumulate unless the oven is cleaned regularly and properly. This can be a particular problem during busy periods such as Christmas and New Year when time is extra tight. Spring is the ideal time to give the oven a deeper clean now that the pressure is off a little.

Deposits are unsightly, at best. But under the wrong conditions, they can pose a food safety threat because they form a breeding ground for all kinds of unwanted bacteria. At the very least there is the risk of the deposits causing bad smells or contaminating any new food in the oven.

Spring cleaning can remove deposits of grease and burnt food from ovens.

Deposits can also limit the efficiency of the oven. This might happen if they cover heating elements, temperature sensors or vents. In each of these cases, the oven could work too hard. As a result it will use too much energy, which adds to costs. The additional stress on components can lead to expensive breakages and downtime that can affect the whole kitchen’s ability to operate properly.

In practice, of course, regular cleaning is best because it will prevent the build-up of any deposits that can cause problems. However, cleaning can be overlooked – or ignored altogether – in busy kitchens, no matter how well they are run.

Diversey’s Suma Oven Cleaning Solutions

Diversey offers a number of oven cleaning products in its Suma kitchen hygiene range. In addition to everyday kitchen cleaning products the Suma range includes products that are ideal for oven spring clean and heavy-duty cleaning tasks:

Suma Grill D9 is a powerful ready-to-use oven and grill cleaner with an alkaline formulation to remove even the stubbornest carbonised soiling. It is ideal for ovens, grills, and salamanders. When diluted it is suitable for use on fryers.

Suma Max D9.2 is a powerful non-corrosive oven and grill cleaner with an alkaline formulation. Its powerful detergent capabilities remove carbonised soils to give excellent results.

Suma Protect D9.5 is a ready-to-use non-corrosive cleaner suitable for non-food contact surfaces in ovens and grills. It contains a special mix of surfactants and oils that provide a protective layer on surfaces upon drying. Oven soiling sticks to the layer and is removed with a normal all-purpose cleaner or hand dish wash liquid.  

The Suma Auto Oven Range is designed for the safe and effective
cleaning of automatic ovens equipped with a self-cleaning system. Products are available in five-litre containers or as concentrates in the SafePack system. Key products in the range include:

  • Suma Auto Oven Heavy Duty D9.12: heavy-duty formulation to remove the toughest grease and proteins
  • Suma Auto Oven Bake-Off D9.9: a light-duty oven cleaner specifically developed for bake-off ovens
  • Suma Auto-Oven Clean D9.10: a concentrated liquid oven cleaner that effectively removes grease and burnt-on soils
  • Suma Auto Oven Rinse D9.11: a low foam rinse additive and neutraliser that helps with the quick removal of the wash water, leaving clean and shiny oven surfaces
  • Suma Auto Oven 2in1 DA9.10: combines detergent and rinse-aid in one product. Effectively removes grease and burnt-on soils

DiveEasy – Soaking Up Your Oven Spring Clean Burden

The DiveEasy soak cleaning system removes carbon deposits, grease and food residues from metallic oven accessories and kitchen utensils at room temperature. As a result there is no need for time-consuming and arduous scrubbing.

Soaking items can be part of oven spring cleaning.

Soak items such as heavily soiled baking trays, extraction filters, oven racks and utensils overnight in a tank containing a solution prepared with Suma Carbon Remover K21. Then wash the items in the kitchen’s dishwasher to complete the cleaning process.

The unique formulation of the solution works with cold water. This means there is no need for expensive heating and no risk of scalding. The working solution is safe to use and is not classified. It is suitable for use on most metals used in kitchens, including aluminium. The tank is portable and does not require an electrical connection.

Ovens are one of the most important appliances in any commercial kitchen. An oven spring clean will enhance the food, create a better environment for kitchen staff, promote food safety and prolong the life of valuable equipment. With Diversey’s help and products, no task needs to be too difficult to complete properly and regularly.

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