Kitchen Hygiene In Hospitals

In a previous post, we outlined the significance of hand hygiene and surface disinfection for kitchen hygiene and food safety in hospitals and care homes. Anything that can break the chain that allows infections to spread by personal contact or touching a contaminated surface will reduce the risk of outbreaks of food-related illnesses.

Our kitchen hygiene products include sanitisers and cleaners for all common surfaces found in kitchens and dining areas. Suma Bac D10, for example, is a general purpose cleaner-sanitiser for a wide range of tasks including hand dishwashing and cleaning worktops or floors. It is highly effective against a broad range of infections (pathogens) found in food service settings. Suma D2.3 is an ideal multipurpose cleaner for non-food preparation areas including floors, walls, doors, ceilings and general equipment. It cuts through grease and dried-on food soiling and leaves a sparkling clean surface.

Like many products in our Suma kitchen hygiene range, Suma Bac D10 and Suma D2.3 can be supplied as ultra-concentrates to promote sustainability, simplicity and lower overall cost in use.

With our popular Divermite system, products are supplied in sealed pouches that are placed in a wall-mounted dispenser for simplicity and convenience. Users can dose a fixed amount of product into a sink, spray bottle or bucket at the push of a button for consistent preparation of cleaning solutions with no wastage.

Our SmartDose system represents an ideal way to introduce ultra concentrates into any cleaning operation. Its compact pack size makes it easy to carry and there is no need for a connection to a water supply. The innovative cap design allows users to dispense an accurate amount of product in two different volumes, chosen by twisting the cap to one side or the other. This two-in-one dosing simplicity enables the consistent preparation of solutions in spray bottles, sinks, buckets or cleaning machines.

We also offer a complete range of dishwashing products for hand washing and all major types of dishwashing machine. These include Suma Combi+, a unique formulation for mechanical dishwashers that contains detergent and rinse-aid in a single product. This helps to simplify processes and promote consistent results.

Suma Nova is a concentrated liquid detergent for mechanical warewashing. It provides excellent soil removal in hard water conditions. Suma Rinse is a proven rinse-aid that helps washed items dry quickly and with a spot and streak-free finish.

All of these products can be supplied in a choice of container types and size – including five-litre concentrates – for use with auto-dosing equipment. 

We have recently reduced the price of many of our dishwashing products, including Suma Nova and Suma Rinse, to make them even more cost-effective and value for money than ever before.

We’ll be highlighting these and many other products from our extensive kitchen hygiene ranges at the forthcoming HCA Forum at the Celtic Manor on 11-12 April.

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