High-Level Spring Cleaning

Cleaning high-up and inaccessible surfaces is a classic spring cleaning task. It pays to keep these areas clean because they can make all the difference to creating a good impression. The challenge is to make tasks simple so that cleaning staff are able to do their work without cutting corners. At Diversey, we have a number of tools that help cleaning professionals maintain high standards, control costs and promote sustainable processes.

Versatile and Sustainable Microfibre

TASKI Jonmaster Ultra and Standard microfibre flat mops are ideal for removing dust, dirt and soiling from high-level areas including walls, ceilings, glass and mirrors. Used dry or with water alone to simplify processes they promote regular cleaning with the best possible sustainability. This saves time and money because there is no need to buy, store and prepare chemicals.

TASKI Jonmaster Ultra and Standard microfibre flat mops are ideal for removing dust, dirt and soiling

Users can select mops in a variety of widths and colours to support integrated and co-ordinated cleaning operations. The range includes special mops for glass and mirrors and a scouring mop for heavy-duty applications with denser soiling.

The mops attach to the extendable TASKI Jonmaster UltraPlus handle and frame. This is available in a variety of sizes matched to the mops. Exchangeable Velcro slides capture and retain the pads securely while a unique click-fit mechanism improves fixation. The frame incorporates a mechanism to restrict movement for enhanced control of the mop’s position. This is useful when working overhead and in confined areas.

The microfibre mops last up to 500 washes (800 for TASKI Jonmaster Ultra) as long as users follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. They can give years of productive and reliable performance when looked after properly.

Cleaning High and Narrow Spaces

TASKI High Level Cleaning Kit

The TASKI Jonmaster Interior Mop offers an ideal solution for narrow spaces, cabinet tops and other inaccessible spaces. The adjustable frame shape allows the mop to reach around corners and over obstructions in front of the area being cleaned so that users can reach more surfaces than would be possible with conventional tools.

Wipe Out Spots and Stains

TASKI Wipeout Pad

The TASKI WipeOut Pad offers additional cleaning versatility when mounted on TASKI Jonmaster frames. It provides unique spot cleaning performance to remove marks and stains from a variety of hard surfaces without scouring or scratching. The pad incorporates an advanced foam polymer with a special backing. This allows it to attach to the mop frames or a hand-held Jumbo Pad Holder. It is ideal for cleaning high-level canopies and walls and ceilings as well as low-level floor edges and stairs.

Suck Up Dust and Dirt

The TASKI AERO BACKPACK vacuum cleaner is a portable machine worn like a rucksack. It is available in electric and battery-powered versions: the battery-powered model offers the ultimate in agility and convenience. Both models have the unique 3-in-1 capability to operate as a backpack vacuum, tub vacuum or blower.

TASKI AERO BACKPACK vacuum cleaner

The compact portable design makes the TASKI AERO BACKPACK ideal for cleaning areas that are difficult to access with conventional equipment. These include busy entrances and congested schools, office buildings or public transport. The battery model offers the ultimate performance in high circulation areas. It is also ideal when the presence of the public makes safety a priority because there are no trailing power leads.

The TASKI AERO BACKPACK is among the lightest backpack vacuums. Its ultra-slim profile and high-quality rucksack material make it extremely comfortable to carry. The near-perfect weight distribution across the user’s back ensures maximum comfort. The electric version weighs just 4.7kg and the battery version is barely heavier at 5.3kg.

Lithium battery technology gives users the confidence of high flexibility and autonomy. The vacuum fully recharges in as little as 90 minutes and has a runtime of 30 minutes. This means it effectively offers limitless autonomy. The electric version has an A-rated energy classification. It offers an impressive 30ltr/sec of suction. The lithium version delivers 22ltr/sec of suction.

The tools and equipment available from Diversey ensure that cleaning professionals no longer have an excuse not to clean high and inaccessible spaces. They can use the tools on their own or as part of an integrated cleaning system comprising cleaning tools, products and machines from the extensive Diversey range.

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