Clearing Blocked Drains

Blocked drains and pipes are an inconvenience. Clear them as soon as possible to allow the proper function of sinks and appliances in kitchens and washrooms. Partially or fully blocked drains will also cause bad smells that create a bad impression for guests and customers. Either way, clearing blocked drains should be on every Spring Clean list. Fortunately, Diversey has some great products to help.

Domestos Professional Drain Unblocker Gel

This is an effective and fast-acting unblocker for kitchen or bathroom drains. Simply pour into the blocked pipe or drain and leave for 15 minutes to do its work.

Use Domestos Professional Drain Unblocker Gel to clear blocked drains quickly.

The thick and powerful formulation sinks through any standing water to get straight to the source of the blockage. By removing the source of the blockage the gel also removes the source of potential odours. A regular dose of the gel will also help to keep drains free and prevent smells from returning.

  • Powerful formulation
  • Gel clings on surfaces
  • Safe on all pipes
  • Kills odours
  • Prevents build-up
  • Sinks through standing water
  • Child-proof cap and handle for safety

Domestos Professional Drain Unblocker Gel is part of Diversey’s ProFormula range. This set of easy-to-use cleaning products helps smaller and independent businesses to complete routine and common problem-solving tasks quickly and economically with excellent results. Pro Formula products combine professional formulations from Diversey with trusted brands from Unilever including Cif, Persil, Comfort, Domestos, and Sun.

Good Sense Breakdown

We developed this versatile product to remove unsightly organic residues and sources of smells in washrooms and similar areas. Its active ingredients include enzymes, bacteria and detergents that eat through the organic residues that can block sinks and drains and cause bad smells.

Use Good Sense Breakdown to unblock drains and remove unsightly organic residues.

Pour it neat into the blocked sink or drain and leave to do its job. The active ingredients eat the residues causing the blockage. They simply wash away when the sink or drain is used as normal. A regular dose of the product will help to keep drains and pipes clear and odour-free.

The product is also used diluted to clean hard surfaces and prevent the build up of unsightly residues. On carpets, it’s a great spot cleaner when used neat or for general cleaning of larger areas when diluted.

Good Sense Breakdown also contains Odour Neutralising Technology (ONT) to eliminate the chemicals that cause bad smells.

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