Choosing the Right Hand Hygiene Product

The wide choice of hand hygiene products available from leading suppliers can make initial selection a little bewildering. Manufacturers like Diversey spend a good deal of time and money developing and testing formulations for particular settings and applications, and a product that offers excellent performance in one may not always be the best in another. 

In healthcare, for example, the overriding need is for infection prevention. Hand care products must therefore be effective against common pathogens. But they must also be suitable for frequent use because staff, in particular, will need to disinfect their hands before and after each task and before and after contact with each patient.

The requirements in food service are different. Maintaining food safety is a priority. Everyone should wash their hands between tasks and when swapping from handling raw ingredients to cooked items and vice versa. Formulations therefore need to be effective against the type of pathogens likely to be found in food environments. They should also be suitable for frequent use and contain no perfumes to eliminate the risk of tainting the foods being handled, prepared and served.

In hotels and other hospitality settings the priority is likely to be the overall experience for the guest or customer. Formulations are more likely to contain perfumes and skin conditioners that make the products as pleasant to use as possible. 

At Diversey, we offer a wide range of hand hygiene products for applications including healthcare, food service, hospitality and many other settings. As a leading supplier with years of experience, we can advise on the right product for every setting and situation.

Products available in the IntelliCare system, for example, are all supplied in the same type and size of self-contained pouch. That means the products are completely interchangeable without making any changes to the dispenser. This saves time, reduces complexity and allows users to switch products more easily if their requirements change. Using a larger-than-average pouch size means it contains more doses. That means the pouches last longer before they need replacing. This removes burdens from the team responsible for looking after the dispensers. It also helps to maintain the product availability that is at the heart of good hand hygiene.