Fabrics should be washed regularly to prevent the spread of Coronavirus

In the 50 page roadmap recently published by the Government outlining the plan to Covid-19 recovery, it is highlighted that ‘Clothes should be washed regularly to prevent the spread of Coronavirus’. So, with the hospitality market set to reopen in a matter of months now is the time to get your business ready for a safe reopening. According to the report, scientists have seen evidence that the virus can stay on fabrics for a number of days.

We have seen a big push on santising surfaces. However, we know that within the hospitality sector fabric is one of the biggest customer touch-points. This means there are more factors to consider when washing fabrics.

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Problem Solving

Using an antibacterial washing powder such as Persil Hygiene to wash clothes, bedding and towels is the surest way of stopping the spread of viruses. This also creates a safer environment for your business and your customers.

Pro Formula Persil Hygiene has been extensively tested and is effective against harmful bacteria strains including MRSA. Persil Hygiene disinfects at temperatures as low as 40 degrees whilst maintaining excellent performance against a wide range of stains and types of soil.

Pro Formula Persil Hygiene kills 99.999% of bacteria and viruses. The industry standard for bacteria kill is 99.999%. Did you know that retail variants are only 99.9%?

It is even so more important now that businesses adapt a professional approach to cleaning products and methods.  

Professional Results from Trusted Brands

Persil Hygiene is part of Diversey’s ProFormula range. This set of easy-to-use cleaning products helps smaller and independent businesses to complete routine and common problem-solving tasks quicklywith excellent results. Pro Formula products combine professional formulations from Diversey with trusted brands from Unilever including Cif, Persil, Comfort and Domestos.

For more product information and support visit; https://www.proformula.com/uk/

Read the full Government document here; https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/our-plan-to-rebuild-the-uk-governments-covid-19-recovery-strategy

Oven Spring Cleaning

Ovens work hard in commercial kitchens. They are used throughout the day and are central to the kitchen’s success. But this heavy use means that deposits such as fats and carbon will soon accumulate unless the oven is cleaned regularly and properly. This can be a particular problem during busy periods such as Christmas and New Year when time is extra tight. Spring is the ideal time to give the oven a deeper clean now that the pressure is off a little.

Deposits are unsightly, at best. But under the wrong conditions, they can pose a food safety threat because they form a breeding ground for all kinds of unwanted bacteria. At the very least there is the risk of the deposits causing bad smells or contaminating any new food in the oven.

Spring cleaning can remove deposits of grease and burnt food from ovens.

Deposits can also limit the efficiency of the oven. This might happen if they cover heating elements, temperature sensors or vents. In each of these cases, the oven could work too hard. As a result it will use too much energy, which adds to costs. The additional stress on components can lead to expensive breakages and downtime that can affect the whole kitchen’s ability to operate properly.

In practice, of course, regular cleaning is best because it will prevent the build-up of any deposits that can cause problems. However, cleaning can be overlooked – or ignored altogether – in busy kitchens, no matter how well they are run.

Diversey’s Suma Oven Cleaning Solutions

Diversey offers a number of oven cleaning products in its Suma kitchen hygiene range. In addition to everyday kitchen cleaning products the Suma range includes products that are ideal for oven spring clean and heavy-duty cleaning tasks:

Suma Grill D9 is a powerful ready-to-use oven and grill cleaner with an alkaline formulation to remove even the stubbornest carbonised soiling. It is ideal for ovens, grills, and salamanders. When diluted it is suitable for use on fryers.

Suma Max D9.2 is a powerful non-corrosive oven and grill cleaner with an alkaline formulation. Its powerful detergent capabilities remove carbonised soils to give excellent results.

Suma Protect D9.5 is a ready-to-use non-corrosive cleaner suitable for non-food contact surfaces in ovens and grills. It contains a special mix of surfactants and oils that provide a protective layer on surfaces upon drying. Oven soiling sticks to the layer and is removed with a normal all-purpose cleaner or hand dish wash liquid.  

The Suma Auto Oven Range is designed for the safe and effective
cleaning of automatic ovens equipped with a self-cleaning system. Products are available in five-litre containers or as concentrates in the SafePack system. Key products in the range include:

  • Suma Auto Oven Heavy Duty D9.12: heavy-duty formulation to remove the toughest grease and proteins
  • Suma Auto Oven Bake-Off D9.9: a light-duty oven cleaner specifically developed for bake-off ovens
  • Suma Auto-Oven Clean D9.10: a concentrated liquid oven cleaner that effectively removes grease and burnt-on soils
  • Suma Auto Oven Rinse D9.11: a low foam rinse additive and neutraliser that helps with the quick removal of the wash water, leaving clean and shiny oven surfaces
  • Suma Auto Oven 2in1 DA9.10: combines detergent and rinse-aid in one product. Effectively removes grease and burnt-on soils

DiveEasy – Soaking Up Your Oven Spring Clean Burden

The DiveEasy soak cleaning system removes carbon deposits, grease and food residues from metallic oven accessories and kitchen utensils at room temperature. As a result there is no need for time-consuming and arduous scrubbing.

Soaking items can be part of oven spring cleaning.

Soak items such as heavily soiled baking trays, extraction filters, oven racks and utensils overnight in a tank containing a solution prepared with Suma Carbon Remover K21. Then wash the items in the kitchen’s dishwasher to complete the cleaning process.

The unique formulation of the solution works with cold water. This means there is no need for expensive heating and no risk of scalding. The working solution is safe to use and is not classified. It is suitable for use on most metals used in kitchens, including aluminium. The tank is portable and does not require an electrical connection.

Ovens are one of the most important appliances in any commercial kitchen. An oven spring clean will enhance the food, create a better environment for kitchen staff, promote food safety and prolong the life of valuable equipment. With Diversey’s help and products, no task needs to be too difficult to complete properly and regularly.

Shiny Windows and Mirrors

Few things impress guests and customers more than bright and shiny glass, metal and hard surfaces. That special sparkle shows you’ve done your work and take cleaning and hygiene seriously. During spring cleaning it refreshes any room and helps to create a great impression for customers and guests. This will reassure them and help encourage positive comments, reviews and recommendations. Smaller and independent restaurants, hotels and care homes want to achieve these objectives but do not always have the time and resources available to their larger counterparts.

Cif Professional Window & Multi-Surface Cleaner 750ml ready to use spray bottle.

Pro Formula meets this challenge with Cif Professional Window & Multi-Surface Cleaner. This advanced ready-to-use cleaner delivers professional results, keeps tasks simple and saves time. It removes grime and grease to leave behind a streak-free shine in seconds. This makes it ideal for daily cleaning but also for Spring Cleaning. The formulation includes a fresh fragrance to enhance the areas being cleaned. It is suitable for windows and interior hard surfaces such as mirrors and tables.

  • Ready-to-use spray bottle for simplicity and convenience
  • Suitable for windows, mirrors, tables and other hard surfaces.
  • Removes grime and grease
  • Streak-free shine in seconds
  • Fresh fragrance creates a pleasant ambience

Cif Professional Window & Multi-Surface Cleaner is available in a convenient ready-to-use 750ml spray bottle. Like all Pro Formula products, it is easy to use. Spray it directly onto a clean dry cloth, apply to the surface and buff to a shine. For large areas spray it directly onto the surface.

Professional Results from Trusted Brands

Cif Professional Window & Multi-Surface Cleaner is part of Diversey’s ProFormula range. This set of easy-to-use cleaning products helps smaller and independent businesses to complete routine and common problem-solving tasks quickly and economically with excellent results. Pro Formula products combine professional formulations from Diversey with trusted brands from Unilever including Cif, Persil, Comfort, Domestos, and Sun.

Ovens Cleaning for Busy Businesses

In many smaller and independent hotels and restaurants, the kitchen will be the centre of activities. And in that kitchen, the oven will most likely be the most important piece of equipment. Without it, the business won’t be able to prepare food and serve its customers. Regular cleaning will help keep the oven in good working order and maintain good hygiene. But sometimes – after busy periods, for example – a bit of extra effort is needed. Diversey offers some excellent products in its Pro Formula range to help busy businesses clean their ovens quickly and easily. They are ideal for Spring Cleaning too.

Cif Professional Oven & Grill Cleaner

This a powerful ready-to-use cleaner that removes stubborn grease and carbon deposits from ovens and grills. Grease and deposits can be unsightly but under the wrong conditions, they can also post a food safety threat by providing a feeding ground for bacteria that cause illness or bad smells. They can also interfere with components inside the oven, leading to inefficient overworking and costly breakdowns.

Cif Professional Oven & Grill Cleaner eliminates these potential problems with its advanced professional formulation.

  • Removes tough grease and burnt-on food
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Non-corrosive formulation
  • Non-hazardous formulation 
  • Perfume-free so no risk of tainting food

The product is suitable for ovens, grills, and other surfaces to remove tough grease and carbon deposits. It is not suitable for aluminium, non-alkali resistant surfaces or self-clean panels. 

Like all Pro Formula products, Cif Professional Oven & Grill Cleaner is easy to use. Preheat the oven or grill to between 50 and 70oC. Switch off and spray the product on to the dirty surfaces and leave for 20 to 30 minutes. Rinse surfaces thoroughly with clean water. If the oven has not been cleaned regularly several applications may be necessary to remove the toughest carbon deposits.

Cif Professional Power Cleaner Degreaser

This powerful ready-to-use cleaner and degreaser quickly dissolves grease and dirt on most kitchen surfaces. It is suitable for ovens, cookers, hoods, filters, kitchen utensils, pots, pans, filters, floors, walls, doors and drains. It is safe to use on aluminium. The perfume-free formulation makes it ideal for any surface or item that will come into contact with food because there is no risk of tainting. Its two-in-one cleaning and degreasing capability makes jobs simpler and removes the need to buy separate products.

  • Dissolves grease fast
  • Safe on a wide range of surfaces
  • Suitable for aluminium
  • Perfume-free so no risk of tainting food
  • Two-in-one cleaning and degreasing performance

Cif Professional Power Cleaner Degreaser is easy to use, like all Pro Formula products. The temperature of the surface to be cleaned should be lower than 70oC. Remove excess soiling from the surface. Spray the product, leave for five minutes and then wipe clean. Rinse food-contact surfaces with clean water and leave to air dry. For tough grease, spray on the surface and leave for 10-30 minutes. Rinse with clean water and allow to air dry.

Professional Results from Trusted Brands

Cif Professional Oven & Grill Cleaner and Cif Professional Power Cleaner Degreaser form part of Diversey’s ProFormula range. This set of easy-to-use cleaning products helps smaller and independent businesses to complete routine and common problem-solving tasks quickly and economically with excellent results. Pro Formula products combine professional formulations from Diversey with trusted brands from Unilever including Cif, Persil, Comfort, Domestos, and Sun.

Fast and Simple Kitchen Disinfection

Regular cleaning is the bedrock for any business that serves and prepares food. It keeps key areas clean and hygienic to enhance food safety and reduce the risk of food-borne illnesses. It also maintains the appearance of critical areas to reassure customers and guests that the business takes food safety seriously. Smaller and independent restaurants, hotels and care homes want to achieve these objectives but do not always have the time and resources available to their larger counterparts.

Cif Professional 2in1 Kitchen Cleaner Disinfectant 750ml spray bottle.

Diversey bridges this gap with Cif Professional 2in1 Kitchen Cleaner Disinfectant. This advanced product with its powerful two-in-one formulation delivers professional results, keeps tasks simple and saves time in busy kitchens. It is ideal for clean-as-you-go daily cleaning of all surfaces in food premises. But its power also makes it suitable for Spring Cleaning.

  • Effective against a wide range of micro-organisms
  • Powerful cleaner
  • Perfume-free to remove any risk of tainting food
  • Cuts through grease and dried-on food soiling
  • 2in1 formulation simplifies tasks and saves time

Cleaning & Disinfection In One Product

In food preparation and serving areas, it is important to clean and disinfect surfaces whenever switching between tasks and when switching between handling ingredients, uncooked and cooked items. This minimises the risk of cross-contamination and helps prevent any spread of food-borne illnesses. The two-in-one formulation of Cif Professional 2on1 Kitchen Cleaner Disinfectant does both jobs in one go, removing any risk of forgetting the all-important disinfection step.

Cif Professional 2in1 Kitchen Cleaner Disinfectant bulk five litre container.

Cif Professional 2in1 Kitchen Cleaner Disinfectant is available in a ready-to-use 750ml spray bottle or as a concentrate in handy 5l containers. Like all Pro Formula products, it is easy to use. It can be used on all kitchen surfaces including food preparation areas. Remove excess soil from the surface, apply the product and leave for five minutes, then wipe clean. Food contact surfaces must be rinsed with clean water and allowed to air dry.

Professional Results from Trusted Brands

Cif Professional 2in1 Kitchen Cleaner Disinfectant is part of Diversey’s ProFormula range. This set of easy-to-use cleaning products helps smaller and independent businesses to complete routine and common problem-solving tasks quickly and economically with excellent results. Pro Formula products combine professional formulations from Diversey with trusted brands from Unilever including Cif, Persil, Comfort, Domestos, and Sun.

Spring Cleaning Carpets

Spring is a good time to give carpets a deep clean. They are likely to have suffered heavy soiling over the long winter months. Daily vacuuming and intermittent encapsulation cleaning should be part of your regular carpet care routine. But there’s nothing like a deep clean to bring the carpet back to its stunning best. Together these three key tasks help to protect and refresh the carpet and prolong its life. That can help avoid the need for expensive replacements. 

TASKI procarpet machine is ideal for interim encapsulation and deep cleaning carpet care.

Our TASKI vacuum cleaners are ideal for daily carpet cleaning. There is a choice of high-performance tub and upright models for every conceivable application and requirement. The range even includes battery-powered models offering complete clean-on-the-go autonomy. They are quiet, efficient and economical.

Beyond this basic daily cleaning task, intermittent and deep cleaning are essential. This is because soiling will inevitably work its way into the fabric of the carpet. Interim cleaning helps keep carpets looking better for longer and extends the interval between deep cleaning which – although even more effective – generally takes longer and requires more drying time. 

Two Carpet Machines in One

Diversey’s innovative TASKI procarpet machine is ideal for both of these core tasks. Buying one machine makes business sense because it removes the need to purchase separate models. This saves capital, supply chain and storage costs. Operators also retain the flexibility to work on the task that best suits their needs – whenever they want – based on turnaround time and soil levels.

The machine is available in two versions – the TASKI procarpet 30 and TASKI procarpet 45. The simple design makes both models easy to operate. Its advanced performance promotes productivity and offers lower total cost of ownership.

The machine’s encapsulation function supports fast and efficient intermediate carpet care. Operators simply add Enhance Foam Shampoo to the built-in solution tank. They then run the machine back and forth over the carpet in its encapsulation mode. The product breaks down and captures the soiling, drying quickly to form a powder. A conventional vacuum cleaner will remove this. The carpet is out of commission for a minimal time. It is back in use as soon as it has dried and vacuuming is complete, typically within around half an hour.

Diversey's Enhance range of carpet care products is ideal intermittent and deep cleaning.

For deeper cleaning, the TASKI procarpet operates in its extraction mode. Choose a suitable product from Diversey’s extensive range to add to the machine’s tank. Enhance Extraction Cleaner is an ideal choice for all types of carpet. It is a low-foaming Woolsafe-approved extraction cleaner with a fresh fragrance. Agitation by the machine promotes soil breakdown and ensures excellent penetration of the product into the pile to reach and remove even the deepest soiling. The machine’s suction pick-up mechanism extracts the soiled solution. The carpet is ready to use the next day after it has time to dry.

Dealing With Stubborn Spots and Stains

Diversey's Enhance Spot and Stain Remover is ideal for stubborn stains.

The three-stage approach to carpet care is always advisable but sometimes a little extra is required. Stubborn stains can be removed with a suitable product such as Enhance Spot and Stain Remover. Chewing gum can be removed with Enhance Anti Gum.

Diversey can advise on the right combination of products, tools and equipment to achieve optimum cleaning results. Choosing the right products and equipment and using them correctly keeps processes simple, ensures carpets remain as good as new for years and delays the time when a replacement is required.

For more information about how to care for your carpets, please download our comprehensive Guide to Carpet Care below.

Removing Linen Spots and Stains

Removing stubborn spots and stains from linen is a typical spring cleaning task. It gets fabrics back into tip-top condition to impress guests and customers. But it can also help prolong the life of the fabric and remove the need for costly replacements.

Good laundry processes using the right products and equipment will ensure linen is cleaned properly to maintain its freshness and longevity.

Good laundry operations ensure linen stays white and fresh.

Spots and stains are inevitable, especially in busy settings such as hotels, bars, restaurants or care homes. The biggest causes of stains are substances that are difficult to remove during a normal wash cycle. Typical culprits include make-up, ink, curry, coffee, red wine, rust spots, blood, food, and grass.

Repeat washing is the enemy of every laundry operation, and difficult stains are the biggest cause. It follows that prewash stain removal should be part of every laundry operator’s efforts to eliminate rewashes and maintain quality, performance and productivity.

Sort and check items for stains as they arrive in the laundry. Launder any items without stains right away to maintain efficient machine utilisation. But treat any stains you find with a suitable spot remover and then wash them as normal.

Complete Solution – Just Like Magic

Diversey offers a complete set of highly effective spot stain removers in the innovative Clax Magic range. These are safe and easy to use and suitable for almost every type of stain and fabric:

  • Clax Magic Multi – a multipurpose formulation that is ideal for stains such as make-up, ink and curry
  • Clax Magic Oxi – a colour-safe formulation for bleachable stains such as coffee, tea, wine, cola and fruit juices
  • Clax Magic Rust – specially formulated for the removal of discolouring caused by rust, tannin and similar substances
  • Clax Magic Protein – contains a combination of surfactants and enzymes for the removal of blood, food, grass and other stains containing proteins

These four innovative formulations remove stains quickly, effectively and gently. You would generally apply the product to the stain and leave it for between five and ten minutes. Then rinse and put it through a normal wash cycle in the machine. This short treatment time helps prevent delays and bottlenecks in the laundry.

The Clax Magic range removes stubborn spots and stains.

All four products are available separately or together as part of a handy “starter pack” which also includes an agitation brush. They are supplied in convenient pack sizes as ready-to-use super concentrates to promote sustainability.

The use of concentrates ensures each pack contains more active formulation than the same size of normal product. Or a smaller will contain the same amount of active formulation. Either way, this ultimately reduces chemical miles, storage and handling burdens, and packaging waste. The Clax Magic products form part of our comprehensive laundry solution which comprises products, systems and consultancy.

Repeat Washing is the Enemy

Every laundry operator understands that repeat washing restricts efficiency. Using valuable equipment a second time to finish a job that should be correct the first is inefficient and uneconomical. This can reduce productivity and limit the throughput of the laundry which can be particularly critical when it is working at or near to full capacity.

Delays in fresh linen availability can compromise customer service and the work of housekeeping staff. In turn, this can lead to negative customer perceptions, feedback and satisfaction ratings.

Guests and customers appreciate white, bright and spotless linen.

Putting fabrics through a second wash also has a major impact on costs, not just of water and fabric care products, but also energy and the people overseeing the work. Linen replacement costs can also increase if items are washed more often than necessary because it shortens their lifetime.

Pleasant Smells – The Difference

There is no doubt that we tend to associate pleasant smells with good things. But the reverse is also true. We’ve written about this before. It’s all part of human nature.

So it follows that spring cleaning tasks that can eliminate bad smells will make a big difference to the perceptions and opinions of customers and guests. Good cleaning and pleasant smells should go hand in hand. So what causes bad smells and what can you do about it?

Spring cleaning can help pleasant smells come to the fore. As humans we associate the smell of fresh flowers with good things.

Humans have evolved to associate bad smells with danger. This is no accident. Organic materials decay – dead animals or rotting vegetables, for example – because they are being eaten by hordes of bacteria. These tiny microbes emit gases as they digest the material. Our primitive ancestors gradually evolved to associate the smell of these gases – many contain sulphur – as “bad”. The smell was an indicator that the material was unfit to eat or could cause illness. Today we know that it is the microbes that cause the illnesses but in distant past, it was sufficient to know not to go near something that smelled bad. Most of our modern-day perceptions of bad smells come from this primeval instinct.

The opposite is also true. We tend to associate the smell of fresh flowers and fruit with good things because evolution has taught us this. Things that smell “good” are generally safe to eat.

We are unlikely, of course, to encounter rotting animals and vegetables in most business settings. But our sense of smell is so sensitive that we can detect the tiny amounts of gas emitted by bacteria as they eat through the smallest patches of organic residue.

Give Cleaning a Freshen Up

This is one of the main reasons cleaning is so important: remove the sources of bad smells and creating a pleasant environment for customers and guests is so much easier. Regular cleaning will remove most of these sources but sometimes a little extra help is needed. This is why we developed Odour Neutralising Technology (ONT) which we add to many of our products.

Odour Neutralising Technology chemically locks-out the molecules that cause bad smells.

The active ingredients in ONT remove the chemicals that our brains interpret as bad smells. They lock onto the molecules that cause these odours a bit like a glove fitting a hand. This makes the smell undetectable.

The way that ONT works means that, unlike alternative suppliers, we do not need to add strong perfumes to mask smells. Instead, we add subtle fragrances that guests and customers appreciate. Using products with ONT and subtle fragrances supports our layered approach to odour control: each product contributes to the overall effect but it is never overpowering.

Spring Cleaning and Problem Solvers with ONT

ONT is a constituent of products that are suitable for spring cleaning:

Good Sense Breakdown: this contains ONT and enzymes that break down organic deposits and residues so that bacteria have no food source and cannot produce bad smells. Use dilute for daily cleaning of hard surfaces in places such as washrooms, bathrooms and changing rooms. Pour undiluted into sinks, drains and urinals to give these hard-to-clean places a good spring clean and remove stubborn deposits.

Enhance Spot & Stain: ideal for removing stubborn spots and stains from carpets and upholstery. It works on a wide range of spots and stains and is Woolsafe approved. Its combination of ONT and fragrances help to rejuvenate carpets and create a fresh-smelling room.

Good Sense Fresh: a non-aerosol spray containing ONT to eliminate odours in fabrics, furnishings and upholstery. Effective against a wide variety of odours including tobacco, food, urine and so on. It is a great addition to any daily cleaning routine but is also ideal as a spring clean problem solver.

Tapi Deo: add these ingenious little granules to your vacuum cleaner bags and release ONT as you carry out your daily floor cleaning. The granules help to eliminate bad smells and gradually release a subtle fragrance to help create a pleasant environment for building users and occupants.

Odour Neutralising Technology logo

Remove Graffiti

Graffiti is unsightly at any time of the year. But it’s a good idea to include it on the spring cleaning to-do list. Fortunately, at Diversey we have some excellent products to remove graffiti and solve this particular problem.

TASKI Sprint Spitfire is a powerful ready-to-use heavy-duty cleaner. It will remove graffiti and other stains from most alkaline resistant hard surfaces. Its powerful formulation includes a mix of detergents and solvents that quickly and efficiently removes mineral and vegetable oils. It is particularly good at removing stains such as ink, marker, pencil, lipstick, black heel marks, smoke films, greasy food and other tenacious marks.

Use TASKI Sprint Spitfire to remove graffiti

For light soiling, spray TASKI Sprint Spitfire onto a cloth or sponge and apply to the stained surface. Leave it for a short while and agitate the area if required. Then simply wipe the affected area clean. For tougher stains, spray the product directly onto the stained area, scrubbed to speed up the cleaning process and allowed to act before wiping clean.

TASKI Sprint Spitfire is available in 750ml spray bottles for the best possible convenience. It is easy to apply, does not require rinsing, except on stainless steel surfaces. The product dries quickly without leaving streaks or traces. The fresh fragrance in the formulation creates a pleasant odour. This makes it suitable for public areas and enclosed spaces. It also contains Odour Neutralising Technology (ONT) to eliminate bad smells.

Wipe Away Spots

The TASKI Wipeout Sponge offers a chemical-free cleaning option when graffiti is present on sensitive surfaces. This innovative spot cleaning pad removes stains from surfaces using water alone. The cleaning pad is made from specially designed white polymeric foam. It is gentle and flexible which means it can be used on many surfaces safely without the risk of scouring or scratching.

TASKI Wipeout Sponge is ideal for cleaning surfaces such as plastics and ceramics where strong chemicals, abrasive materials or scouring powders could cause damage. Potential applications include removal of minor graffiti on buses and trains, clearing accidental permanent marker from whiteboards, and cleaning stubborn spots from ceramic cooker hobs.

No sprays or cleaning products are necessary. Rinse the pad under a tap, squeeze to remove excess moisture and rub gently over the mark. This removes the stain quickly and easily. Regenerate the pad by rinsing with clean water and use it again and again. Dispose of the pad safely once the white foam has worn away.

High-Level Spring Cleaning

Cleaning high-up and inaccessible surfaces is a classic spring cleaning task. It pays to keep these areas clean because they can make all the difference to creating a good impression. The challenge is to make tasks simple so that cleaning staff are able to do their work without cutting corners. At Diversey, we have a number of tools that help cleaning professionals maintain high standards, control costs and promote sustainable processes.

Versatile and Sustainable Microfibre

TASKI Jonmaster Ultra and Standard microfibre flat mops are ideal for removing dust, dirt and soiling from high-level areas including walls, ceilings, glass and mirrors. Used dry or with water alone to simplify processes they promote regular cleaning with the best possible sustainability. This saves time and money because there is no need to buy, store and prepare chemicals.

TASKI Jonmaster Ultra and Standard microfibre flat mops are ideal for removing dust, dirt and soiling

Users can select mops in a variety of widths and colours to support integrated and co-ordinated cleaning operations. The range includes special mops for glass and mirrors and a scouring mop for heavy-duty applications with denser soiling.

The mops attach to the extendable TASKI Jonmaster UltraPlus handle and frame. This is available in a variety of sizes matched to the mops. Exchangeable Velcro slides capture and retain the pads securely while a unique click-fit mechanism improves fixation. The frame incorporates a mechanism to restrict movement for enhanced control of the mop’s position. This is useful when working overhead and in confined areas.

The microfibre mops last up to 500 washes (800 for TASKI Jonmaster Ultra) as long as users follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. They can give years of productive and reliable performance when looked after properly.

Cleaning High and Narrow Spaces

TASKI High Level Cleaning Kit

The TASKI Jonmaster Interior Mop offers an ideal solution for narrow spaces, cabinet tops and other inaccessible spaces. The adjustable frame shape allows the mop to reach around corners and over obstructions in front of the area being cleaned so that users can reach more surfaces than would be possible with conventional tools.

Wipe Out Spots and Stains

TASKI Wipeout Pad

The TASKI WipeOut Pad offers additional cleaning versatility when mounted on TASKI Jonmaster frames. It provides unique spot cleaning performance to remove marks and stains from a variety of hard surfaces without scouring or scratching. The pad incorporates an advanced foam polymer with a special backing. This allows it to attach to the mop frames or a hand-held Jumbo Pad Holder. It is ideal for cleaning high-level canopies and walls and ceilings as well as low-level floor edges and stairs.

Suck Up Dust and Dirt

The TASKI AERO BACKPACK vacuum cleaner is a portable machine worn like a rucksack. It is available in electric and battery-powered versions: the battery-powered model offers the ultimate in agility and convenience. Both models have the unique 3-in-1 capability to operate as a backpack vacuum, tub vacuum or blower.

TASKI AERO BACKPACK vacuum cleaner

The compact portable design makes the TASKI AERO BACKPACK ideal for cleaning areas that are difficult to access with conventional equipment. These include busy entrances and congested schools, office buildings or public transport. The battery model offers the ultimate performance in high circulation areas. It is also ideal when the presence of the public makes safety a priority because there are no trailing power leads.

The TASKI AERO BACKPACK is among the lightest backpack vacuums. Its ultra-slim profile and high-quality rucksack material make it extremely comfortable to carry. The near-perfect weight distribution across the user’s back ensures maximum comfort. The electric version weighs just 4.7kg and the battery version is barely heavier at 5.3kg.

Lithium battery technology gives users the confidence of high flexibility and autonomy. The vacuum fully recharges in as little as 90 minutes and has a runtime of 30 minutes. This means it effectively offers limitless autonomy. The electric version has an A-rated energy classification. It offers an impressive 30ltr/sec of suction. The lithium version delivers 22ltr/sec of suction.

The tools and equipment available from Diversey ensure that cleaning professionals no longer have an excuse not to clean high and inaccessible spaces. They can use the tools on their own or as part of an integrated cleaning system comprising cleaning tools, products and machines from the extensive Diversey range.