Wuhan Coronavirus – Quick Reference and Response Guide

An outbreak of a new coronavirus in Wuhan China has infected several hundred people causing viral pneumonia and a number of reported deaths. We have prepared this Quick Reference and Response Guide to provide more information about the virus and help you protect against it.

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Safer & Faster Infection Prevention

Our Oxivir range has been shortlisted for the Tomorrow’s HEALTH & SAFETY Awards 2020.


Oxivir products from Diversey offer a safer, fast-acting and broad-spectrum alternative to cleaning and disinfection formulations containing chlorine or quats as the active ingredient. Each product instead contains patented Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP) – a blend of commonly used, safe ingredients and low levels of hydrogen peroxide. This dramatically increases the potency and cleaning performance of Oxivir products against a wide range of pathogens including bacteria, viruses and yeasts.

AHP degrades to oxygen and water alone shortly after use without leaving residues or stains. This helps make formulations containing it safer to use than traditional chlorine- and quat-based products. Chlorine-based products are suspected of aggravating asthma and other respiratory problems and they can also form chlorine compounds in the atmosphere.

Products containing AHP generally have lower classification than traditional alternatives: some have no safety classification whereas chlorine-based products usually carry a hazard symbol. Lower classification helps to simplify compliance, training and implementation processes. Products containing AHP are generally compatible with a wide range of surfaces without causing damage.

Oxivir Excel in an excellent cleaner-disinfectant designed to replace general surface cleaning products for daily tasks and provide affordable and effective ongoing infection protection. It is bactericidal against multi-drug resistant organisms (MDROs) and viricidal in five minutes. It is viricidal against Norovirus in 30 seconds. It is yeasticidal against Candida albicans.

Oxivir Sporicide is a ready-to-use one step hospital-grade, cleaner-disinfectant with excellent response against hard-to-kill pathogens such as C. diff spores, Bacillus subtilis and other MDROs in 60 seconds. Its “irritant” classification is much lower than traditional alternatives.

Diversey also offers disposable ready-to-use Oxivir Excel wipes and the Oxivir Spill Kit. These enable users to contain and remove body spillages quickly and safely before pathogens have a chance to cause further contamination.


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Targeted Moments Can Help Reduce Infection Rates

Healthcare organisations, researchers and solutions providers are making tremendous progress in the ongoing fight against healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). One of the latest approaches is to focus on disinfecting surfaces touched most frequently by staff and patients, rather than trying to clean all surfaces all the time. Known as Targeted Moments of Environmental Disinfection (TMED), its aim is to maximise outcomes with better use of time and resources.

The threat from infections caused by antimicrobial resistance is real and present. The most recently available statistics covering England are for 2018/9. There were 83,000 cases of E. coli, Klebsiella spp., P. aeruginosa, MRSA and MSSA bacteraemia, and clostridium difficile (C.diff). These affected 73,000 patients and resulted in more than 12,700 patient deaths. That’s around one in six or 16 per cent of infection-cases.

The Government has outlined a five-year action plan as part of its wider 20-year vision for tackling antimicrobial resistance. A key target is to reduce drug-resistant infections by 10% by 2025. Other targets include reducing antibiotic use in humans by 15% and reducing gram-negative blood-stream-infections. Stakeholders including hospitals, community health facilities and care homes must act and coordinate their contributions to meet these objectives.

Targeted Moments of Environmental Disinfection aims to reduce infection rates by focusing on critical areas
Targeted Moments – disinfecting a patient’s bed.

We have covered the link between infection rates, surface disinfection and hand hygiene before. TMED builds on the “five moments of hand hygiene” promoted by the WHO and other agencies with great success over many years.

Studies suggest that somewhere between 20 and 40 per cent of HAIs arise when a healthcare worker passes on pathogens from one patient to the next. Pathogens can remain on frequent touch surfaces and survive for extended periods, sometimes months. Anyone who touches these surfaces can pass the pathogens on to other people. There is a higher risk of acquiring certain pathogens if a room was previously occupied by a colonised or infected patient. All of this helps explain why effective hand hygiene and surface disinfection are important when aiming to prevent infections.

There is a growing realisation that even with high levels of compliance, the tried and tested methodologies can be improved. It is always important to clean surfaces likely to be touched by patients or staff. But people will probably touch some surfaces more than others during the day. Under these circumstances, the idea of once-a-day disinfection could be inadequate and put patients and staff at increased risk. Studies show that nurses, medical staff, clinical and non-clinical staff and visitors touch each bed rail up to 250 times every day.

With TMED the objective is to adopt a more focused approach. All areas are cleaned and disinfected daily, as before. But extra attention is given to frequent touch and high-risk surfaces. In practice, this means cleaning items such as bed rails, table-tops and light switches more often. Going further, studies suggest that additional disinfection at the point of care (where three elements come together: patient, healthcare worker and care or treatment involving contact with the patient or their surroundings) will help reduce infection rates. This means the five most critical moments for disinfection are:

      • Before placing a food/drink on an over-bed table
      •  After any procedure involving faeces or respiratory secretions within the patient bed space
      •  Before/after any aseptic practice (wounds, lines, etc.)
      •  After patient bathing (within bed space)
      •  After any object used by/on a patient touches the floor

Targeted Moments of Environmental Disinfection aims, in effect, to disinfect on demand. This means cleaning hands and disinfecting surfaces before and after each of these critical moments. Put another way, it is everyone’s job to disinfect, but it is not everyone’s job to disinfect everything every time. To be effective these processes must be simple and accessible so that they can be completed whenever needed. They must also be acceptable to healthcare workers and visitors. This means, for example, that disinfectants must be non-hazardous and non-irritating. Finally, processes must be fast because anything that adds time or becomes a burden is less likely to be done.

Diversey is participating in the Annual Infection Prevention and Control Conference, organised by Knowlex and the NHS. The event takes place in Birmingham on 13 February 2020.

Schools – Are You Ready?

Children are among the groups most vulnerable to seasonal illnesses such as Norovirus and Influenza. This is the time of the year when these illnesses are at their peak. The colder weather allows the viruses that cause these illnesses to persist and people are generally spending more time indoors, closer together, which makes it easier for illnesses to spread.

Schools, of course, want to ensure a safe environment for pupils and staff. But they also need to achieve high attendance records so that nobody misses vital lessons or falls behind. Our “Are You Ready?” campaign helps schools implement simple but effective processes to keep children and staff safe.

Let’s look at some of the risks.

Pupils and Students: any outbreak will have significant consequences for pupils and students. Illnesses such as Influenza and Norovirus can mean time off school, missing vital lessons or special events only held at this time of the year. Those fortunate to have good health and strong immune systems will normally recover quickly. But for anyone who has an underlying health issue these illnesses can be life-threatening.

Attendance Rates: an outbreak can spread quickly in a school or college environment. An individual pupil’s attendance record will be affected but the overall total for the school will also stack up fast. While these absences are easily explained the headline figures will still show reduced attendance levels. More importantly, the disruption to normal classroom schedules means additional time and resources will be needed later to help pupils and students make up for lost time.

Bad Publicity: the run-up to Christmas should be a happy time for pupils, teachers and other staff members with lots of special events and parties taking place. Any outbreak – or even the suggestion of an outbreak – can be bad news at the best of times. Nobody wants to associate and remember a happy time with illness and suffering. Bad publicity whether through word-of-mouth, social media or the mainstream media can cause long-lasting damage to the school or college’s reputation which can be hard to win back.

Staff Shortages: if teachers or staff members become ill they will need time off. At this time of the year, it won’t be easy to find temporary replacements at short notice, especially if the person is highly skilled or experienced. Staff shortages place additional pressure on remaining team members. On top of this, staff who become ill can also spread their infections to colleagues and customers before they show any symptoms. This makes it doubly important to ensure all staff follow the best possible personal hygiene and food safety practices to minimise the risk of becoming ill.

Schools take infection prevention seriously at all times of the year. But during the peak Christmas and New Year season, additional vigilance will help provide the maximum protection against the risks. There is a clear and established link between the spread of illnesses, personal hygiene and surface cleaning. Around 80 per cent of illnesses are spread by personal contact or by touching a contaminated surface or object. Here are a few simple infection prevention steps to help schools avoid the risk of catching and spreading illnesses:

  • Make sure all staff and pupils understand the risks of seasonal illness
  • Check that cleaning staff understand the correct processes and products to use
  • Everyone should wash their hands frequently, but especially after going to the toilet and before eating food
  • Place additional portable and/or wall-mounted hand hygiene dispensers at convenient locations throughout the school
  • Ask visitors to wash their hands when they arrive
  • Give staff members their own personal bottle of hand disinfectant
  • Choose hand disinfectants and hygiene products that are suitable for frequent use
  • Clean frequent-touch surfaces such as door handles, light switches, portable equipment used by pupils and/or staff, touchscreens, tablets, table-tops as often as possible
  • Use surface sanitisers that are simple, effective and suitable for a wide range of surfaces
  • Keep a spill kit in a convenient location to deal with body spills quickly, easily and professionally so as to protect pupils, teachers and support teams

TASKI Swingo Micro Scrubber Drier Upgraded

Our UPGRADED TASKI SWINGO 2100 MICRO SCRUBBER DRIER has been shortlisted for the Tomorrow’s CONTRACT FLOORS Awards 2020.


The updated TASKI swingo 2100µicro (micro) ultra-compact ride-on scrubber-drier from Diversey adds value and extra performance by building on the success of the original award-winning model. This latest-generation machine has been redesigned to include an innovative digital electric motor that delivers more cleaning power and uses less energy, an improved seat for better comfort, and an adjustable lockable steering wheel for enhanced ergonomics.

This ultra-compact ride-on floorcare machine offers better performance and productivity with its unique narrow-space and up-to-the-edge cleaning capabilities. The 55cm working width, 138cm overall length and less-than-180cm turning circle mean it can operate productively and safely between obstacles, pass through normal doors and be transported in standard lifts.

The offset feature – unique in the micro ride-on category – allows the machine to clean right up against walls in a single pass with no need for unproductive secondary cleaning such as wet mopping. The mechanism can project up to 14cm to the side of the machine. This capability remains under patent and is therefore unavailable on any other micro ride-on.

An all-new seat is more comfortable while being less sensitive so it can be used by lighter operatives. It now has a convenient storage tray for a mobile phone and personal items.

Power is supplied by a new brushless electric motor with digital control. This is smaller, more efficient and more reliable than conventional motors. It uses less energy which can mean longer intervals between battery charges for extended uninterrupted working times and higher productivity. The additional power has enabled brush pressure to increase significantly by 62% for superior cleaning performance. The brushless design promotes reliability and reduces servicing: there are no brushes to fail which eliminates the need to replace them or the whole motor.

The operator console has been improved with all-new steering wheel height adjustment for enhanced ergonomics.


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Winter is Coming

Winter is coming. And that means there’s going to be a peak in illnesses such as Norovirus and Influenza. It happens every year and it’s easy to predict. But it’s also easy to protect yourself and those around you with some simple cleaning and hygiene tips. At Diversey, our annual “Are You Ready?” campaign is designed to offer help and guidance to minimise the risks from these and other common illnesses.

Norovirus (sometimes called Winter Vomiting Disease) is unpleasant at the best of times. It causes considerable and sudden discomfort to anyone unfortunate to suffer it, with symptoms including vomiting and diarrhoea, although most people will recover after a few days. Influenza (“the Flu”) can be more serious. Anyone with a weakened immune system – children, the elderly, people with an underlying health condition- can be at risk of severe consequences, including death.

Both illnesses are present all year round but statistics show that they peak during winter. Evidence suggests that viruses like these are more stable in cold air, so they can survive for longer and have more chance to infect someone new. The lower humidity associated with cooler temperatures also means that tiny water droplets containing the virus and produced by coughs or sneezes can remain airborne for longer, giving them more time contaminate a surface or be breathed in by someone.

On top of this, we all spend more time indoors during Winter because it’s cold or because we are attending parties or family get-togethers over the holiday season. That means there is more chance for viruses to pass from person to person or by touching contaminated surfaces.

Particular industries and sectors are at an increased risk from the effects of Norovirus and Influenza, including:

Schools/Colleges: children, especially the very young, are among the groups most vulnerable to Norovirus and Influenza. During winter, in particular, pupils will be indoors more and closer together so there is more chance of illnesses spreading. Schools, of course, want to ensure a safe environment for pupils and staff. But they also need to achieve high attendance records so that nobody misses vital lessons or falls behind. Our “Are You Ready?” campaign helps schools implement simple but effective processes to keep children and staff safe.

Care Homes: residents are, by definition, among the most vulnerable in society. Illnesses such as Norovirus and Influenza can be even more serious for the weak and frail than for those fortunate to have good health. Our “Are You Ready?” campaign offers advice and guidance to help homes protect their residents and give the best possible care.

Restaurants: it’s party season and restaurants and hospitality venues are doing a lot of business. Nobody wants their customers to get ill but any outbreak also poses the risk of bad publicity and lost business. Nor do restaurants want their staff to be off sick because it disrupts ongoing operations and places extra burdens on remaining employees during one of the busiest times of the year. Our “Are You Ready?” campaign helps restaurants and hospitality venues to minimise the risk of infections and make the most of their most important season.

Many people receive an annual flu jab to protect against this terrible illness. In addition to protecting the individual, immunisation also prevents the virus from spreading because it breaks the chain of infection, giving it fewer opportunities to pass on to new victims. However, there is no injection to protect against Norovirus.

But as with most illnesses, Norovirus and Influenza are usually spread through personal contact or by touching a contaminated surface. That’s why all infection prevention advice focuses on a combination of hand hygiene and surface disinfection. We’ll be going into more detail in later “Are You Ready?” blogs to help make sure You Are Ready.

Daily Cleaning Tasks Refreshed

Our ROOM CARE PUR ECO range has been shortlisted for the Tomorrow’s CLEANING Awards 2020.


Diversey’s updated Room Care Pur-Eco range for hotels includes a complete set of products with EU Ecolabel certification covering all daily cleaning tasks. Devised with help from housekeeping professionals, the products help make the right impression and keep every critical area of hotels clean and fresh. They are at least as effective in terms of performance and fragrance as the standard Room Care range used by the majority of large UK and global hotel groups.

The range is reimagined with additional innovations to create a full housekeeping solution: lactic acid-based cleaner, disinfectant, descaler and deodoriser in one ultra-concentrate bathroom product; heavy-duty ultra-concentrate toilet bowl cleaner, ideal for hard water; Pur-Eco cream cleaner; grout cleaner for mould and mildew.

Improved sustainability and reduced cost-in-use are other key objectives. Replacing ready-to-use products with ultra-concentrate pouches in Diversey’s DQFM or Divermite dilution control systems for daily cleaning tasks allows hotels to reduce plastics used by more than one kilogramme per room each year and greenhouse gas emissions by over 90%. One case of Room Care R1 Plus Pur-Eco, for example, produces the equivalent of 200 ready-to-use trigger bottles. This reduces overall costs and minimises storage, transport and handling burdens.

Room Care Pur Eco ultra-concentrates used with a standard set of TASKI’s Nordic Swan-certified housekeeping tools can, after suitable training, reduce time spent cleaning a room by one minute in a budget hotel and up to five minutes in a luxury hotel.

Diversey supports the range with its Guest Training Programme – comprehensive training videos for each housekeeping task with a set of training aids, user guides, wall charts, videos, safety sheets and other documentation.


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Intelligent Laundry Management

Our INTELLILINEN LAUNDRY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM has been shortlisted for the Tomorrow’s FM Awards 2020.


Diversey’s IntelliLinen system helps on-premises laundry operators to reduce costs, minimise rewashes and enhance results by providing an advanced set of remote real-time management and diagnostic tools over the Internet of Clean. Operators have a real-time view of energy and water consumption, chemical dosing accuracy, machine downtime and day-to-day operational costs to prevent expensive disruptions and errors.

The IntelliLinen dosing unit’s integrated Wi-Fi network connects to Diversey’s Internet of Clean platform. The system continuously monitors a wide range of parameters to provide authorised operators with complete visibility of their entire wash process. Real-time information and analytical reports are presented on an intuitive dashboard accessed from any location using an app or browser. With oversight of every connected washing machine at every site, IntelliLinen provides the operational insight and cost details that are often unavailable in conventional laundries because of lack of tools, time or information.

Operators can set thresholds and receive alerts when a wide range of parameters are exceeded. This allows them to act before there is any disruption to the laundry process. Information required to help resolve issues is provided using video attachments and contextual content that also acts as training material.

Detailed reports enable informed business decisions. Operators can identify consistent pain points that are reducing profitability and prevent them re-occurring by taking corrective action. They can also see which machines are being under-used or creating bottlenecks, and where hygiene compliance is compromised. By ensuring processes are less labour-intensive IntelliLinen helps laundries make the best possible use of their working hours.

The IntelliLinen system automatically alerts field engineers when maintenance is due. Routine service calls can then be scheduled proactively and conveniently for the operator – and without any need for unscheduled outages – to maximise equipment uptime.


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Remove Graffiti

Graffiti is unsightly at any time of the year. But it’s a good idea to include it on the spring cleaning to-do list. Fortunately, at Diversey we have some excellent products to remove graffiti and solve this particular problem.

TASKI Sprint Spitfire is a powerful ready-to-use heavy-duty cleaner. It will remove graffiti and other stains from most alkaline resistant hard surfaces. Its powerful formulation includes a mix of detergents and solvents that quickly and efficiently removes mineral and vegetable oils. It is particularly good at removing stains such as ink, marker, pencil, lipstick, black heel marks, smoke films, greasy food and other tenacious marks.

Use TASKI Sprint Spitfire to remove graffiti

For light soiling, spray TASKI Sprint Spitfire onto a cloth or sponge and apply to the stained surface. Leave it for a short while and agitate the area if required. Then simply wipe the affected area clean. For tougher stains, spray the product directly onto the stained area, scrubbed to speed up the cleaning process and allowed to act before wiping clean.

TASKI Sprint Spitfire is available in 750ml spray bottles for the best possible convenience. It is easy to apply, does not require rinsing, except on stainless steel surfaces. The product dries quickly without leaving streaks or traces. The fresh fragrance in the formulation creates a pleasant odour. This makes it suitable for public areas and enclosed spaces. It also contains Odour Neutralising Technology (ONT) to eliminate bad smells.

Wipe Away Spots

The TASKI Wipeout Sponge offers a chemical-free cleaning option when graffiti is present on sensitive surfaces. This innovative spot cleaning pad removes stains from surfaces using water alone. The cleaning pad is made from specially designed white polymeric foam. It is gentle and flexible which means it can be used on many surfaces safely without the risk of scouring or scratching.

TASKI Wipeout Sponge is ideal for cleaning surfaces such as plastics and ceramics where strong chemicals, abrasive materials or scouring powders could cause damage. Potential applications include removal of minor graffiti on buses and trains, clearing accidental permanent marker from whiteboards, and cleaning stubborn spots from ceramic cooker hobs.

No sprays or cleaning products are necessary. Rinse the pad under a tap, squeeze to remove excess moisture and rub gently over the mark. This removes the stain quickly and easily. Regenerate the pad by rinsing with clean water and use it again and again. Dispose of the pad safely once the white foam has worn away.

High-Level Spring Cleaning

Cleaning high-up and inaccessible surfaces is a classic spring cleaning task. It pays to keep these areas clean because they can make all the difference to creating a good impression. The challenge is to make tasks simple so that cleaning staff are able to do their work without cutting corners. At Diversey, we have a number of tools that help cleaning professionals maintain high standards, control costs and promote sustainable processes.

Versatile and Sustainable Microfibre

TASKI Jonmaster Ultra and Standard microfibre flat mops are ideal for removing dust, dirt and soiling from high-level areas including walls, ceilings, glass and mirrors. Used dry or with water alone to simplify processes they promote regular cleaning with the best possible sustainability. This saves time and money because there is no need to buy, store and prepare chemicals.

TASKI Jonmaster Ultra and Standard microfibre flat mops are ideal for removing dust, dirt and soiling

Users can select mops in a variety of widths and colours to support integrated and co-ordinated cleaning operations. The range includes special mops for glass and mirrors and a scouring mop for heavy-duty applications with denser soiling.

The mops attach to the extendable TASKI Jonmaster UltraPlus handle and frame. This is available in a variety of sizes matched to the mops. Exchangeable Velcro slides capture and retain the pads securely while a unique click-fit mechanism improves fixation. The frame incorporates a mechanism to restrict movement for enhanced control of the mop’s position. This is useful when working overhead and in confined areas.

The microfibre mops last up to 500 washes (800 for TASKI Jonmaster Ultra) as long as users follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. They can give years of productive and reliable performance when looked after properly.

Cleaning High and Narrow Spaces

TASKI High Level Cleaning Kit

The TASKI Jonmaster Interior Mop offers an ideal solution for narrow spaces, cabinet tops and other inaccessible spaces. The adjustable frame shape allows the mop to reach around corners and over obstructions in front of the area being cleaned so that users can reach more surfaces than would be possible with conventional tools.

Wipe Out Spots and Stains

TASKI Wipeout Pad

The TASKI WipeOut Pad offers additional cleaning versatility when mounted on TASKI Jonmaster frames. It provides unique spot cleaning performance to remove marks and stains from a variety of hard surfaces without scouring or scratching. The pad incorporates an advanced foam polymer with a special backing. This allows it to attach to the mop frames or a hand-held Jumbo Pad Holder. It is ideal for cleaning high-level canopies and walls and ceilings as well as low-level floor edges and stairs.

Suck Up Dust and Dirt

The TASKI AERO BACKPACK vacuum cleaner is a portable machine worn like a rucksack. It is available in electric and battery-powered versions: the battery-powered model offers the ultimate in agility and convenience. Both models have the unique 3-in-1 capability to operate as a backpack vacuum, tub vacuum or blower.

TASKI AERO BACKPACK vacuum cleaner

The compact portable design makes the TASKI AERO BACKPACK ideal for cleaning areas that are difficult to access with conventional equipment. These include busy entrances and congested schools, office buildings or public transport. The battery model offers the ultimate performance in high circulation areas. It is also ideal when the presence of the public makes safety a priority because there are no trailing power leads.

The TASKI AERO BACKPACK is among the lightest backpack vacuums. Its ultra-slim profile and high-quality rucksack material make it extremely comfortable to carry. The near-perfect weight distribution across the user’s back ensures maximum comfort. The electric version weighs just 4.7kg and the battery version is barely heavier at 5.3kg.

Lithium battery technology gives users the confidence of high flexibility and autonomy. The vacuum fully recharges in as little as 90 minutes and has a runtime of 30 minutes. This means it effectively offers limitless autonomy. The electric version has an A-rated energy classification. It offers an impressive 30ltr/sec of suction. The lithium version delivers 22ltr/sec of suction.

The tools and equipment available from Diversey ensure that cleaning professionals no longer have an excuse not to clean high and inaccessible spaces. They can use the tools on their own or as part of an integrated cleaning system comprising cleaning tools, products and machines from the extensive Diversey range.