Diversey Returns To Cleaning Show

Diversey returns to the Cleaning Show (Stand C37) for the first time in over a decade to discuss with customers how its innovations and full solutions capabilities offer cleaning teams new ways of working that are more effective, affordable and sustainable.

Internet of Clean: our innovative platform offers new ways to support interactive remote monitoring of laundry equipment, floor care machines and dishwashers. It also enables expert advice to be provided direct to end users on a range of devices to enhance their understanding and productivity, with new improved analytics. Remote guidance feature offers an innovative way to manage breakdowns and issues quickly, remotely and with minimum fuss.

Healthcare Infection Prevention: recent innovations include additions to the Oxivir range of broad-spectrum disinfectants, cleaner-disinfectants and related products for superior, simpler and faster surface disinfection. These are tested to relevant EN standards and effective against bacteria, viruses and yeasts in demanding environments such as hospitals and care homes. Diversey has recently introduced fast and powerful UV-C capabilities into its infection prevention portfolio. New Moonbeam3TM Disinfection Technology© for rooms and equipment provides adjunct disinfection against a wide range of pathogens on frequently-touched, hard-to-clean surfaces which complements and enhances existing cleaning and hygiene processes.

TASKI Machine Innovations: update to Diversey’s next-generation, hands-free TASKI SWINGOBOT 2000 robotic scrubber drier, which works on its own to enhance floor cleaning productivity and frees operatives to focus on additional value-added and profit-generating tasks. The company’s latest TASKI aero tub and backpack vacuum cleaners are among the quietest and most energy-efficient commercial machines on the market.

TASKI Tool Innovations: new enclosed trolley and tools including the innovative diamond-impregnated Twister by Diversey pads.

As part of our commitment to the event we are supporting the Cleaning Show’s VIP lounge.

We also plan to host our own special event during the exhibition to promote opportunities for networking between customers, industry experts and thought leaders.

Cleaning Without Chemicals

Regular readers of this blog will know that we write about sustainability more than anything else, whether it’s reducing the amount of plastics in packaging, using floorcare pads made from recycled plastics with water alone, floorcare machines that use less energy, water and cleaning solution, or adopting ultra-concentrate products with accurate dosing and dilution. The sustainability benefits in improved results, lower costs and reduced environmental impact can be significant so it’s no surprise that these are some of the biggest trends in our industry.

Our handy new guide to Chemical Free Cleaning summarises how key parts of the Diversey range can support improved sustainability.

Cleaning without chemicals is increasingly popular because it helps reduce costs, simplify processes and enhance sustainability. The correct products and tools used in the right way can help transform any cleaning operation. Our new guide outlines how different Diversey products enable chemical-free cleaning without compromising on performance and results.

Costs are reduced because there is no need to keep buying chemical products to support your cleaning processes. In addition to the cost of the product this helps you save on purchasing, storage and handling tasks.

Processes are often simpler when chemicals are no longer used. Staff do not need to learn about the safe handling and correct use of chemicals which helps reduce training and implementation costs. This also reduces your compliance, safety and documentation burdens.

Removing chemicals from the workplace also eliminates the risk of introducing contamination and irritants. This helps maintain a pleasant and safe environment for employees, guests and visitors. It also removes any risk of damage to valuable fixtures and fittings.

Finally, cleaning without chemicals also promotes and enhances the sustainability of cleaning operations. No raw materials are consumed to make chemicals or packaging. There is no need to distribute, store and handle products. This reduces reliance on transport which results in fewer chemical miles and CO2 emissions.