Choosing The Right TASKI Floorcare Machine

Our new TASKI floorcare catalogue features every machine and accessory in our extensive range – all in one convenient booklet. It’s packed with all the information you need to choose the right floorcare machine for every task. As you might image, with probably the largest range on the market, there is a lot to cover:

  • dry tub, upright and backpack vacuum cleaners
  • wet vacuum cleaners
  • single-disc floorcare machines
  • scrubber driers
  • sweepers
  • steam cleaners
  • swingobot 2000 robotic cleaner
  • floor pads
  • accessories

TASKI has over 60 years’ experience in manufacturing high quality floorcare machines. Our current range offers excellent value with a whole host of performance-boosting, sustainability-enhancing and cost-cutting features. The catalogue includes all the details you need to help you choose the right ones.

As a market leader we can support your business across each floorcare machine’s whole lifespan. Our aim is to help you achieve the best results and lowest total cost of ownership:

  • we’ll help you choose the right floorcare machine and accessories for your business
  • pre-sale on-site surveys and demonstrations
  • fast nationwide delivery
  • support and training at your site or ours, whichever is best for you
  • maintenance contracts that ensure you get the best machine uptime, performance and productivity
  • our team of over 30 engineers, based around the country, respond quickly to keep your floorcare machines working

Our New Sustainability Strategy and 2025 Goals

Diversey recently published its latest Annual Sustainability Report, which includes a new “Facilitators for Life” strategy and goals aimed at creating a healthier and safer world for everyone. The new approach will help ensure Diversey addresses key environmental, social and technological opportunities, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions, engaging in ethical business practices and decreasing its packaging footprint by 2025.

To create the new sustainability strategy, Diversey reviewed its current footprint, listened to customers, engaged experts and studied frameworks such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs highlight 17 areas where organizations like Diversey will collaborate to solve global challenges.

“Although it’s been given many names since 1923, sustainability has always been at the core of Diversey,” said Daniel Daggett, Executive Director, Sustainability and CSR, Diversey. “As Facilitators for Life, we must identify ways to care for the environment as well as the people we employ, partner with and serve every day. We’ve committed to twelve new sustainability goals for Diversey and look forward to executing this strategy to drive progress in the coming years. The goals not only engage all Diversey employees, but will stimulate collaboration with our suppliers and customers to improve environmental stewardship and social responsibility.”

The new “Facilitators for Life” strategy consists of these 2025 goals:

Improve the Environment

  • Reduce energy intensity in operations by 10 percent
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions intensity in operations by 10 percent
  • Reduce waste to landfill in operations by 10 percent
  • Reduce water use intensity in operations by 10 percent

Protect and Care for People

  • Eliminate recordable workplace injuries of Diversey employees
  • Ensure an ethical supply chain by engaging all suppliers with Diversey’s Supplier Code of Conduct
  • Ensure ethical business practices by training all employees on Diversey’s Code of Conduct
  • Improve the lives of people in the communities Diversey serves through Creating Shared Value programs like Soap For Hope

Innovate Sustainable Solutions

  • Quantify the sustainability value associated with Diversey products and solutions
  • Integrate a sustainability scorecard into the innovation process for all new technologies
  • Reduce Diversey’s packaging footprint and increase the recyclability of plastic packaging
  • Improve the safety and environmental profile of products through absolute compliance with Diversey’s Responsible Chemistry Policy

Click here to view Diversey’s Annual Sustainability Report