TASKI Swingo Micro Scrubber Drier Upgraded

Our UPGRADED TASKI SWINGO 2100 MICRO SCRUBBER DRIER has been shortlisted for the Tomorrow’s CONTRACT FLOORS Awards 2020.


The updated TASKI swingo 2100µicro (micro) ultra-compact ride-on scrubber-drier from Diversey adds value and extra performance by building on the success of the original award-winning model. This latest-generation machine has been redesigned to include an innovative digital electric motor that delivers more cleaning power and uses less energy, an improved seat for better comfort, and an adjustable lockable steering wheel for enhanced ergonomics.

This ultra-compact ride-on floorcare machine offers better performance and productivity with its unique narrow-space and up-to-the-edge cleaning capabilities. The 55cm working width, 138cm overall length and less-than-180cm turning circle mean it can operate productively and safely between obstacles, pass through normal doors and be transported in standard lifts.

The offset feature – unique in the micro ride-on category – allows the machine to clean right up against walls in a single pass with no need for unproductive secondary cleaning such as wet mopping. The mechanism can project up to 14cm to the side of the machine. This capability remains under patent and is therefore unavailable on any other micro ride-on.

An all-new seat is more comfortable while being less sensitive so it can be used by lighter operatives. It now has a convenient storage tray for a mobile phone and personal items.

Power is supplied by a new brushless electric motor with digital control. This is smaller, more efficient and more reliable than conventional motors. It uses less energy which can mean longer intervals between battery charges for extended uninterrupted working times and higher productivity. The additional power has enabled brush pressure to increase significantly by 62% for superior cleaning performance. The brushless design promotes reliability and reduces servicing: there are no brushes to fail which eliminates the need to replace them or the whole motor.

The operator console has been improved with all-new steering wheel height adjustment for enhanced ergonomics.


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Winter is Coming

Winter is coming. And that means there’s going to be a peak in illnesses such as Norovirus and Influenza. It happens every year and it’s easy to predict. But it’s also easy to protect yourself and those around you with some simple cleaning and hygiene tips. At Diversey, our annual “Are You Ready?” campaign is designed to offer help and guidance to minimise the risks from these and other common illnesses.

Norovirus (sometimes called Winter Vomiting Disease) is unpleasant at the best of times. It causes considerable and sudden discomfort to anyone unfortunate to suffer it, with symptoms including vomiting and diarrhoea, although most people will recover after a few days. Influenza (“the Flu”) can be more serious. Anyone with a weakened immune system – children, the elderly, people with an underlying health condition- can be at risk of severe consequences, including death.

Both illnesses are present all year round but statistics show that they peak during winter. Evidence suggests that viruses like these are more stable in cold air, so they can survive for longer and have more chance to infect someone new. The lower humidity associated with cooler temperatures also means that tiny water droplets containing the virus and produced by coughs or sneezes can remain airborne for longer, giving them more time contaminate a surface or be breathed in by someone.

On top of this, we all spend more time indoors during Winter because it’s cold or because we are attending parties or family get-togethers over the holiday season. That means there is more chance for viruses to pass from person to person or by touching contaminated surfaces.

Particular industries and sectors are at an increased risk from the effects of Norovirus and Influenza, including:

Schools/Colleges: children, especially the very young, are among the groups most vulnerable to Norovirus and Influenza. During winter, in particular, pupils will be indoors more and closer together so there is more chance of illnesses spreading. Schools, of course, want to ensure a safe environment for pupils and staff. But they also need to achieve high attendance records so that nobody misses vital lessons or falls behind. Our “Are You Ready?” campaign helps schools implement simple but effective processes to keep children and staff safe.

Care Homes: residents are, by definition, among the most vulnerable in society. Illnesses such as Norovirus and Influenza can be even more serious for the weak and frail than for those fortunate to have good health. Our “Are You Ready?” campaign offers advice and guidance to help homes protect their residents and give the best possible care.

Restaurants: it’s party season and restaurants and hospitality venues are doing a lot of business. Nobody wants their customers to get ill but any outbreak also poses the risk of bad publicity and lost business. Nor do restaurants want their staff to be off sick because it disrupts ongoing operations and places extra burdens on remaining employees during one of the busiest times of the year. Our “Are You Ready?” campaign helps restaurants and hospitality venues to minimise the risk of infections and make the most of their most important season.

Many people receive an annual flu jab to protect against this terrible illness. In addition to protecting the individual, immunisation also prevents the virus from spreading because it breaks the chain of infection, giving it fewer opportunities to pass on to new victims. However, there is no injection to protect against Norovirus.

But as with most illnesses, Norovirus and Influenza are usually spread through personal contact or by touching a contaminated surface. That’s why all infection prevention advice focuses on a combination of hand hygiene and surface disinfection. We’ll be going into more detail in later “Are You Ready?” blogs to help make sure You Are Ready.

Daily Cleaning Tasks Refreshed

Our ROOM CARE PUR ECO range has been shortlisted for the Tomorrow’s CLEANING Awards 2020.


Diversey’s updated Room Care Pur-Eco range for hotels includes a complete set of products with EU Ecolabel certification covering all daily cleaning tasks. Devised with help from housekeeping professionals, the products help make the right impression and keep every critical area of hotels clean and fresh. They are at least as effective in terms of performance and fragrance as the standard Room Care range used by the majority of large UK and global hotel groups.

The range is reimagined with additional innovations to create a full housekeeping solution: lactic acid-based cleaner, disinfectant, descaler and deodoriser in one ultra-concentrate bathroom product; heavy-duty ultra-concentrate toilet bowl cleaner, ideal for hard water; Pur-Eco cream cleaner; grout cleaner for mould and mildew.

Improved sustainability and reduced cost-in-use are other key objectives. Replacing ready-to-use products with ultra-concentrate pouches in Diversey’s DQFM or Divermite dilution control systems for daily cleaning tasks allows hotels to reduce plastics used by more than one kilogramme per room each year and greenhouse gas emissions by over 90%. One case of Room Care R1 Plus Pur-Eco, for example, produces the equivalent of 200 ready-to-use trigger bottles. This reduces overall costs and minimises storage, transport and handling burdens.

Room Care Pur Eco ultra-concentrates used with a standard set of TASKI’s Nordic Swan-certified housekeeping tools can, after suitable training, reduce time spent cleaning a room by one minute in a budget hotel and up to five minutes in a luxury hotel.

Diversey supports the range with its Guest Training Programme – comprehensive training videos for each housekeeping task with a set of training aids, user guides, wall charts, videos, safety sheets and other documentation.


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Intelligent Laundry Management

Our INTELLILINEN LAUNDRY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM has been shortlisted for the Tomorrow’s FM Awards 2020.


Diversey’s IntelliLinen system helps on-premises laundry operators to reduce costs, minimise rewashes and enhance results by providing an advanced set of remote real-time management and diagnostic tools over the Internet of Clean. Operators have a real-time view of energy and water consumption, chemical dosing accuracy, machine downtime and day-to-day operational costs to prevent expensive disruptions and errors.

The IntelliLinen dosing unit’s integrated Wi-Fi network connects to Diversey’s Internet of Clean platform. The system continuously monitors a wide range of parameters to provide authorised operators with complete visibility of their entire wash process. Real-time information and analytical reports are presented on an intuitive dashboard accessed from any location using an app or browser. With oversight of every connected washing machine at every site, IntelliLinen provides the operational insight and cost details that are often unavailable in conventional laundries because of lack of tools, time or information.

Operators can set thresholds and receive alerts when a wide range of parameters are exceeded. This allows them to act before there is any disruption to the laundry process. Information required to help resolve issues is provided using video attachments and contextual content that also acts as training material.

Detailed reports enable informed business decisions. Operators can identify consistent pain points that are reducing profitability and prevent them re-occurring by taking corrective action. They can also see which machines are being under-used or creating bottlenecks, and where hygiene compliance is compromised. By ensuring processes are less labour-intensive IntelliLinen helps laundries make the best possible use of their working hours.

The IntelliLinen system automatically alerts field engineers when maintenance is due. Routine service calls can then be scheduled proactively and conveniently for the operator – and without any need for unscheduled outages – to maximise equipment uptime.


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